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What Grants Are Available for Masters in Health Care Students?

A masters in health care is a great way to advance your health care career, and there are a variety of groups and organizations that would like to help support you in your growing career. Health care is an industry that’s in the public interest to grow, so finding a grant for your health care education should be easier than most other areas of study. This is fortunate, because although a masters in health care is a great idea for your career, it’s not always easy to afford out of pocket, and many students find that financial aid such as grants can help make up the difference.

Health care education grants work a lot like scholarships. With a grant, you will receive free money to complete your education, and you will not be required to pay it back once you’re done with school. Grants offer an advantage over loans in this respect, because loans require you to pay back what you’ve received, plus any interest accrued. Health care grants will generally offer you money for your tuition, educational expenses, and room and board.

Grants for masters in health care are very competitive, and although they are more prevalent in health care than other industries, they are still not easy to come by. Of course, students who work hard to find grants that they qualify for will often find that their effort is rewarded. In your search for a grant to pay for your masters in health care, be sure to take advantage of these resources:

  • Groups and organizations: Through various groups and organizations, you’ll find that there are many grants available to health care students. Specifically, nonprofits that focus on health care are an excellent source. You can find an organization that supports your field of study, demographic, chosen profession, and more to find grants. Explore your local community, as well as the health care community at large to find these grants.
  • Your school: Your school or educational program represents an excellent resource for grant finding. Often, groups will seek out a school that educates students who fit the profile they are looking for, and your school’s financial aid office can point you in the right direction when it comes to applying for these grants.
  • Online: Check online to see if you can find grants that fit your needs. Through scholarship and grant search sites, you can find grants that are tailored to your specific profile, including your field of study, location, demographic, and more. Some of these sites include FastWeb,, and College Board.

Some of the popular grants available to health care students include:

In your search for a masters in health care grant, you’ll find that perseverance and a willingness to use all of the resources available to you will help ensure that you’re rewarded in the end.