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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for (Effective 2/17/16)

Thank you for your interest in This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page details how we gather and use information to provide you with the best experience possible when visiting our website. If you continue to use, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use outlined here.

Information Collected by

We collect submitted information and automatic information from our users. Submitted information is the data you share with us when you fill out web-based forms. Your submitted information may include personally identifiable data such as your name, telephone number, postal address, and email address. collects and stores the information, and we may also share it with schools and affiliated companies to ensure you receive relevant information about schools, educational programs and services related to education.

When you submit this information, you give, along with our affiliates, permission to contact you by telephone, email, postal mail, or text message. You agree that we have the right to release collected information, including your personally identifiable information, to any company that provides us with administrative services. For example, we may share your information with the company responsible for delivering our email messages.

Additionally, submitting your information gives us, and our affiliates, the right to contact you for a certain period of time. With your submission, you agree to relinquish the rights furnished to you by the Do Not Call List and other applicable laws. Submitting your information may also exempt us from additional laws.

When you receive an email from or one of its affiliates, you have the opportunity to remove your name from the sender’s mailing list by clicking a link to unsubscribe. Once you click the link, you will not receive additional mailings from that sender. also collects automatic information, which refers to certain types of anonymous data collected by your browser each time you visit the website. The information we collect may include, but is not limited to, the type of browser you use, your IP address, and the browser version you use. We collect automatic information to deliver relevant content to users and improve the user experience for everyone who interacts with the site.

By continuing to visit, you acknowledge and agree that the automatic information we collect may be shared with educational institutions, affiliates, and other third parties as a means of providing you with relevant information about degrees, educational programs, and other products and services related to education.

We may also release your personal information if we are required to do so to comply with the law. For example, we may share personal information if our company receives a subpoena. We also share personal information when necessary to keep our employees safe, protect our business interests, investigate claims of fraud, or comply with legal requests. Should we decide to sell some or all of our assets, merge with another company, or acquire another business, we may share your information as necessary to complete the transaction.

This document may change at any time, so we advise you to read this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use periodically so that you are always aware of our current practices. If you have any concerns about the terms outlined on this page, please use our online contact form to share those concerns with one of our representatives.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies, which are small pieces of data stored in your Web browser, for technical purposes such as analyzing website traffic (analytics). We use Google Analytics, a tool managed by Google, Inc., to analyze website data. By continuing to use, you are acknowledging that we use cookies and consenting to our use of cookies.

Advertising cookies are sometimes called third-party cookies because they allow third-party advertisers to track website use and publish advertisements. To learn more about how Google Analytics gathers and protects information, read Google’s privacy policy at, our partners and vendors, and third-party businesses may use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Verifying the accuracy of information submitted to our website
  • Collecting demographic information and anonymous data for website analytics and optimization
  • Improving the effectiveness of our advertising
  • Delivering relevant advertisements to users
  • Enhancing the user experience

You have the opportunity to disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings; however, you may have to change your settings each time you visit your website. You also have the option of opting out of advertisements from ad networks and third-party advertisers who belong to the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or follow the guidelines established by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). Visit the NAA and DAA websites to opt out of advertisements.