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Master of Health Care Administration Programs (MHA)

The Master of Health Care Administration is a prominent, professional degree conferred by a university or college. Often simply called the Master of Health Administration, the degree shows an individual’s expertise and mastery of healthcare administration. It also proves their knowledge and competency needed for careers in this field.

In order to receive such a degree, you must first possess a bachelor’s degree. More often, you should have performed a minimal period of professional practice in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or outpatient setting. From there, you would take part in a Master of Health Care Administration Program that typically lasts between 1-2 years, with full-time enrollment status.

The most common reasons for why some individuals decide to go back and receive their master’s degree are to be eligible for higher positions and earn a better salary. A Master of Health Administration degree will open windows of opportunities in management and leadership roles within an institution. Individuals will have a better understanding of the health care system, how it operates, and what they could do to improve their work place.

Reccomended Master of Health Care Administration Programs

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Kaplan University – M.S. in Healthcare Management. Filling numerous positions in the demanding healthcare industry, Kaplan University is dedicated in providing students with the latest knowledge and practice needed to advance to higher positions within their organizations. Their Master of Science in Healthcare Management degree teaches students effective management and organizational strategies.
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Ashford University Master of Arts in Healthcare Administration. Foster your career goals by earning your Master of Arts in Health Care Administration online from Ashford University. Deepen the value of your services with the expertise that derives from an advanced degree. With your Master of Arts in Health Care Administration, you demonstrate your expertise in directing health care organizations, leading health professionals, and delivering invaluable services to people in need.


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Ohio University

Ohio University – Master of Health Administration. Ohio University offers practical knowledge and experience in their MHA program, allowing students to immediately apply what they have learned to their careers. Students are taught issues of leadership, finance, ethics and law, human resources, systems use, health policy, and health care structures.
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