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Master of Health Administration Programs (MHA)

The Master of Health Administration is a high-level, professional degree awarded to those who have completed a course of study in health administration and portrayed mastery and competency in the field. They are conferred by universities and colleges and can only be sought after by individuals with a current bachelor’s degree.

Accreditation is very important when you are searching for a master’s degree because they prove the program’s quality and uniformity of health care education and practice. Although many schools differ in their curriculum, the overall goal of the programs is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become capable leaders in the health care field.

Individuals return to receive their Master of Health Administration degree in order to get promoted into higher positions within their institution. Many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other outpatient settings require you to receive a higher degree in order to advance into management and leadership positions. Others get their master’s degree in order to receive higher pay. However, individuals in the health care field do not typically earn significantly more money solely on education. Often, it requires them to have sufficient practice in the health care field and have been in the industry for a long period of time.

No matter what your reason is for obtaining a Master of Health Administration degree, it will definitely portray your expertise in the field and provide you with lifelong, valuable knowledge that will enhance your performance.

Top Master of Health Administration Programs

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Kaplan University – M.S. in Healthcare Management. Kaplan University’s Master of Science in Healthcare Management program was designed and developed by respected academic and industry mentors, leaders and experts to ensure quality education for students. Their career-focused curriculum and practice prepares healthcare professionals for senior management-level positions within their organization.
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Ashford University – M.A. in Healthcare Administration. Providing cutting-edge curriculum, Ashford University has prepared thousands of students for management and leadership positions within the healthcare industry. They offer accelerated programs with focus on areas such as finance, biostatistics, and strategic planning.
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Ohio University

Ohio University – Master of Health Administration. Experienced, mid-career, health professionals may find Ohio University’s MHA program most ideal for their goal in pursuing a leadership position in the healthcare industry. The university’s programs are delivered online, offering flexibility for those who are continuing to build their careers while earning a higher degree.
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