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A search online quickly reveals an overwhelming amount of medical information, news, and knowledge – not all of it trustworthy. If you are looking for a straightforward, dependable collection of links, search through these sites. They are organized into sets: The first set appeals primarily to medical students or those set to attend medical school. The second is designed for established medical professionals. The last section is made for the generally curious or for patients with questions about their own health.

Medical Student Resources

Medical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Medical Student: Learn: Beyond Encyclopedias, this site gives you a list of textbook resources to reference and links to a multitude of education resources. Links are divided by subject, such as Anatomy, Bioethics, or Urology.

ADAM: Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia: This is a subscription-based medical encyclopedia, but it is notable for its amazing online interface and, as the title indicates, the handy illustrations accompanying entries.

Medline Plus: The National Institutes of Health has created this basic encyclopedia covering a wide range of medical terms, from diseases and tests to surgeries and injury types. It can serve as a very useful online look-up tool.


Life and Study Tips
The Student Doctor Network: Tips for Surviving Medical School: Read this article if you want to know some practical ins and outs of the medical studies world. Dr. Divita is honest and easy to understand.

The Lancet Student: The link takes you to a particular study article, but the Lancet is a student-oriented journal filled with news, advice, and research information that all medical students can find useful.

Medical School Memoirs: Again, the link leads to a useful article, but feel free to browse around this site in search for more information and conversational articles on various topics close to the heart of a medical student (like finding a residency program).


General Resources
StudentDoc: Find answers to your question, seek out advice on medical loans, and look up the latest news or research on this site. Advisors can help with your serious questions, but this site provides current opinions and resources from other sources for comparison.

AAMC: Med Students: The Association of American Medical Colleges shares online resources for students interested in planning out their futures and learning more about potential careers, how to apply to programs, and where to set up practices.

Student BMJ: This student version of the famed British Medical Journal covers all the latest news, medical procedure advice, and research from the perspective of students. Most articles belong to the subscription-only side of the site.


Medical Professional Resources

Journals on Medical Technology
medGadget: The name says it all – visit this site for all the latest news on medical devices, along with ways to order them. This site appeals to general medical interest, but categories divide the devices up into more specific fields, too.

American Medical Technologies: AMT is a nonprofit organization that helps link physicians with training programs and certification for the latest medical technology, allowing them to learn more, improve their practice, and adopt new techniques.

Healthcare Informatics: While not fully devoted to medical tech, this ezine/journal covers healthcare IT, leadership, and trends with a broad scope more likely to be applicable to all physicians, especially when it comes to the latest tech and IT whitepapers.


Pharmaceuticals Research and Information
Monthly Prescribing Reference: This magazine not only covers the latest products and safety concerns, it also offers pharmaceutical databases, search engines, and e-prescription resources, among many other resources.

U.S. Pharmacist: While oriented more toward those working in a purely pharmaceutical field, this site can help all types of prescribing doctors with its news items, new treatment information, and a variety of teaching aids.

The Medical Letter Online: Find drug information and the latest research facts using this friendly online journal. Treatment Guidelines and The Medical Letter are two sides of the same site, both subscription publications that include timely studies and prescription advice.


General Medical Management and News
AMA: The American Medical Association website is filled with useful information and news for the medical profession. The link takes you to advice on managing a practice, but be sure to visit the Resources and News sections as well.

Physician’s First Watch: This Journal Watch project makes it easy to view the latest research and reports, handily divided by either specialty or topic. It also links to video, audio, and blog resources for multimedia options.

Physician’s Practice: Use the tabs on this site to search for the latest career, IT, Law, and billing news in the healthcare community, among many other useful topics.


Medical Resources for Non-Professionals

Medical Journalism
MedicineWorld: This news feed-like site collection the latest articles from around the world on medicine, new research, and the latest health concerns. All information is intelligent but patient-friendly.

Merck Medicus: This collection of apps/news sites brings immediate medical news to you through either your computer or mobile devices, collecting articles from a number of sites. Other apps are available based on more specific interests.

Medical News Today: The rule on MNT is simple: Only the most popular articles win. Use this site to find the most popular medical headlines for this day, this month, or this year.


Symptom Databases
Mayo Clinic: The name that the Mayo Clinic has made in research lends credence to its thorough, realistic symptom checker. You may not be able to narrow down symptoms to a particular disease, but that is where doctors need to help out anyway.

WebMD: Symptom Checker: While WebMD does not have the high-quality history of Mayo Clinic, it does have an excellent, interactive symptom checker that includes a quick-check of symptoms by disease as well.

RXList: RXlist gives you information on overdose and side effect symptoms so you can spot any potential problems with the medication you are taking. It also include information on disease and potential drug treatments.


Healthcare and Public Safety
AMA: Resources of Patients: In addition to the site’s advice on doctor visits and medical careers, the AMA patient section gives you information on various diseases and conditions, along with news about the latest research on important topics.

CDC: Connecting Public Health: The CDC not only provide information on disease, but also on public health and health living in general, with advice and news articles featured prominently. This site is an attempt to clarify healthcare, answer any questions you might have, and bring patients up to speed on insurance and the latest legislation. You can also search for the best care providers and prevention general wellness information.

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