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The Top Alternative Health Care Careers for 2013

If you’re looking for a career in health care, consider foregoing Western medicine. Although nurses and doctors are an important, vital part of the health care picture, there are alternatives to these careers, as well. 2013 is on its way, and the new year will present new opportunities in alternative health care careers. Consider one of these top alternative health care professions if you’re looking to change courses in 2013.

  1. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture has gained popularity in the U.S. in recent decades and will continue to do so as its ancient methods prove themselves. Acupuncturists typically attend traditional Chinese medicine schools, learning body meridian techniques used for thousands of years. If you haven’t done it, try it. And if you love it, consider pursuing training in this scientific art.

  2. Yoga

    A great yoga teacher can change your life. Yoga is an ancient art that’s recently been infused full force in the Western world. Poses and breathing techniques aid in centering and balancing the body and its functions, particularly in relation to the glandular systems. Yoga isn’t going anywhere, and yoga teacher trainings are available across the world. There are many different types of yoga, and it’s the perfect way for all ages to "zen out."

  3. Massage

    A masseuse can work through your internal tension by working your muscles for you. Stress relief, body alignment, and detoxification are just a few of the benefits of frequent massage. 2013 will see massage gaining in its already explosive popularity, and many schools offer training in this alternative health practice.

  4. Reiki

    Energy workers perform this type of massage without touching their client. Centering and balancing chakras and energy fields, Reiki is rapidly gaining popularity among the alternative health crowd. Many people believe, however, that this type of healing is based on psuedo-science and is overly hyped. The decision is up to you, but many masseurs become reiki workers in an attempt to advance their careers.

  5. Reflexology

    Reflexologists are similar to acupuncturists, but use their hands instead of small needles. Balancing body meridians and organs through directed massage of the extremities works, and reflexologists often have good techniques and advice for things like difficult digestion. Yoga teachers, masseurs, and other alternative health practitioners should add this to their list of specialties, as it will only increase in popularity in the coming years.

  6. Ayurvedism

    It’s called the art of being, and it’s a healthy lifestyle that needs more Western practitioners. Intense training from an ayurvedic doctor or guru is required, and often only available in countries such as India. Limited access to training in this ancient career may make it difficult to study in hopes of a future career, but learning ayurvedism is worth it. Those who practice this lifestyle often take on clients who are too busy to devote the time and effort to study it themselves.

  7. Nutritionist

    Nutritionists are the new doctors, and this trend will only make more waves in 2013. Even if you’re not convinced that alternative medicine is a decent alternative, studying and teaching the basics of nutrition can be a route to preventative health. Nutritionists are some of the most important health workers today, and will continue to be sought out in coming years.

  8. Art Therapy

    Art and music therapy are accepted by Western culture for help with psychological issues. Children especially respond well to these active therapeutic techniques. Art therapists will see increasing demand, as alternatives to psychotherapy are further developed and explored.

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