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How to Resist That Tempting Halloween Candy

Leave it to the holidays to tempt you to eat poorly. With Halloween upon us, the day of tricks and treats marks the first in a string of reasons to choose unhealthy foods. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a treat or two, it’s best to resist over-indulging on Halloween candy. No tricks here — just a few ways to treat yourself to health with some alternatives to Halloween candy.

  1. Pass out pretzels.

    The easiest way to avoid snacking on Halloween candy is not to have any around you. While you may not be able to avoid it at the office, consider passing out pretzels to your trick or treaters this year. You might not be the coolest house on the block, but you won’t have to worry about willpower.

  2. Go rogue, go raw.

    If you want to avoid all the holiday treats, now’s the time to start a weird crash diet. Begin with a simple diet rule, like "no processed foods." When people pass out candy, remember that the individually packaged stuff comes straight off a conveyor belt. That’s not the kind of treat you want to trick yourself into.

  3. Replace sweet with salt.

    Every time you feel tempted to nosh on Halloween candy, eat something salty. Pickles are low-calorie foods and should satisfy this craving. If you’re still craving something sweet after shocking your system, try a piece of fruit.

  4. Go gummy.

    Avid gum chewers typically eat less than their non-chewing counterparts, simply because their mouth is busy all the time. Chewing gum boosts memory, can reduce head and neck tension, and might even contribute to weight loss. Sugar-free or natural gum is a great alternative to a Halloween treat.

  5. Limit yourself.

    Portion control can be the name of the game, especially if you’re not willing to completely give up your sweet tooth. Limit yourself to a certain amount of sweet Halloween treats per day. For example, one treat per day for the week of Halloween is reasonable. Make sure to hold yourself accountable, and stay within your limits.

  6. Pack it in.

    Everything’s available in 100-calorie packs, from goldfish to granola. Replace candy containers with various 100-calorie packs, and limit your snacking throughout the day. Hundred-calorie packs are a good way to measure the quantity of what you’re eating, and to ensure you don’t pig out and overindulge.

  7. Water, water everywhere.

    Before you have a Halloween snack, drink a glass of water. If you’re still craving the sweet treat, at least you’ll be hydrated! Water can help reduce cravings and make the stomach feel full, so those who eat from boredom should try this tricky tip.

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