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Invisible Blood Suckers: America’s Terrifying Infestation

If you’re interested in the field of healthcare, then you know that there are some medical problems that can be life-threatening, and some that are merely annoying. While annoying health issues are certainly preferable to serious maladies, the annoying health concerns certainly begin to take a toll of their own in time. Right now in the US, a little known health concern has come crawling into a growing number of homes—if you’ve heard the old expression, “don’t let the bedbugs bite”, you may have a tendency to associate bedbugs with nursery rhymes, rather than very sudden and real epidemics. The fact of the matter is, the bedbug population in the US grew 500% over a span of just four years, and the onslaught of these teeny, tiny bloodsuckers doesn’t seem to be letting up. Bedbugs might not kill you, but there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll slowly drive you crazy. Like head lice for your furniture, bedbugs are tough to spot, harder to kill, and impossible to forget about. While some are certainly more at risk than others, bedbugs don’t distinguish between social classes or incomes, and they’ll latch onto you no matter where you live. The following infographic takes a look at just how serious the problem of bedbugs has become, and why we need to stop it now.

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Bedbugs Infographic

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