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11 Awesome Fitness Experts to Follow on Twitter

It’s time to get moving! If you love living a healthy lifestyle and you’re active on social media, there are many communities and experts that will speak to your interests. Exercise buffs and fitness freaks are especially active on Twitter, and you don’t have to go far to find them. Add these 11 awesome fitness experts to your Twitter lists today!

  1. @BornFitness

    Adam Bornstein is a social media darling and the former editorial director of Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong.Com. The fitness buff has worked in media for a long time and was the fitness editor of Men’s Health magazine. Author of several fitness books, the tweeter posts great links, thoughts, and questions for his audience.

  2. @JoeDowdellNYC

    Joe Dowdell is a long time trainer to the stars, and everyone wants to know what the fitness expert has to say. Follow him for articles and videos about exercise, nutrition, and improving your personal strength. The elite trainer tweets videos and tips for the general public. If you follow Joe Dowdell, you’ll get the star fitness treatment.

  3. @JenSinkler

    Jen Sinkler is the editorial director of fitness content for Experience Life magazine and a self-proclaimed "workout connoisseur." She’s a fan of balancing life, nutrition, and work to have a truly healthy and powerful life. Sinkler also believes that women can (and should!) do the heavy lifting — she often shares tweets about intense workout sets with large weights.

  4. @GirlsGoneSTRONG

    If you’re a woman who works out, you’ll love this Twitter feed. Workout tips, before and after photos, and insights on how to get the most from your workout make up this link-filled Twitter feed. It’s not just for women, either. The feed has plenty of information and motivation for anyone trying to break a sweat. Nutrition and healthy eating are a main focus, too.

  5. @Gunnar

    Everyone knows Gunnar Peterson, and everyone wants a piece of what the Beverly Hills personal trainer has to offer. The trainer is friends with celebrities and other fitness experts, and they often show up in his Twitterfeed. He hosts a feed called The Gunnar Challenge, where participants are encouraged to weigh in and report their workout progress. Not only is he great on Twitter, but Gunnar will whip you into shape!

  6. @BandanaTraining

    Filled with eating tips, cute pictures, and great links and re-tweets, Bandana Training is poised to make exercisers of us all. With intelligent tips on how to build muscle and burn fat, the trainer will also design a workout program for you online. Maybe he’s not a household name yet, but we’d bet it won’t be long.

  7. @AshleyBorden

    She’s a personal trainer in Los Angeles who is often called upon by fitness experts and media professionals. A pro at fitness tips, tweaks, and advice, Ashley Borden infuses her Twitterfeed with topical observations, as well. Mixed martial artists will like lots of her links and ideas, as she’s both a practitioner and a fan.

  8. @BobbyStorm

    Bobby Strom is known as a trainer’s trainer in Hollywood. He tweets great life advice for those wanting to incorporate fitness into their routine, as well as sharing pictures, information, and relevant exercises. Although you’ve never heard of him, if you pay top dollar for an elite Hollywood trainer, Bobby Strom has probably helped them learn how to teach you. The tattooed trainer can get anyone fit!

  9. @MyTrainerBob

    The famous face from The Biggest Loser has taken social media by storm. Bob Harper is not only a tweeter, but an author, TV personality, and trainer. He’s tough, he’s funny, and he’s got a sweet heart. And if you’re looking to break a sweat, you should start with Trainer Bob.

  10. @BodyForWife

    He’s a syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and more. With an upcoming book in 2013, the babe with the buff bod will be more popular than ever. James Fell is his real name, but he’s rising to great heights. He even has a column for famed Internet hangout

  11. @KellyOlexa

    The founder of FitFluential is one of the most connected fitness experts in the country. Based in Chicago, Kelly often tweets about healthy eating, fitness fixes, and her food choices. She’s fresh, fun, and fearless — in other words, FitFluential.

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