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What a Legal Nurse Consultant Does

Legal nurse consultants play a powerful and important role in the litigation of court cases. A legal nurse consultant is a nurse that uses their specialized knowledge and training of the health care industry to take part in legal cases that are medical related. A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse that has completed the necessary requirements to become a registered nurse. Their knowledge and experience in the field provides him or her with a grave understanding of medical health and procedure, terminology, and the industry in general, which can help lawsuits, legal matters, and the judicial process run smoother with medical expertise on the case.

There are several reasons that legal nurse consultants are needed in the legal systems and plenty that they can do to help in litigation. Because attorneys are not generally proficient in the healthcare industry, legal nurse consultants can bridge the gaps in the attorney’s knowledge when it comes to legal cases. Legal nurse consultants assist attorneys in reading and understanding medical records, terms, and issues. They can be responsible for screening lawsuits and cases for legal grounds and merit, conduct medical research on the case, and assist with discovery, which is a pre-trial phase in which evidence can be obtained and questions, answers and documents can be presented. Legal nurse consultants can also be responsible for preparing reports and summaries and act as expert witnesses to the case. Cases can often rely heavily on the professional contributions of legal nurse consultants, as their work is critical to a clear understanding on the attorney’s part and their efforts are needed on the case as a whole.

Legal nurse consultants can also work for government offices, insurance companies, consulting firms and in other independent practices. Regardless of employer, the educational and qualifying requirements associated with pursuing a career as a legal nurse consultant include specific requirements in most cases. Legal nurse consultants must be a licensed registered nurse and complete a legal consulting course in order to be eligible to practice legally. Nursing requirements will vary by state, and those that wish to work as a certified legal nurse consultant must also pass a qualifying certified consultant exam. While legal nurse consultants are not required to have a formal legal education background, many have acquired legal knowledge in their practice.

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