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University Graduates First Class of Nursing Educators

A shortage of workers and educators currently afflicts the healthcare industry. As a result, institutions such as Charleston Southern University (CSU) have been forced to turn away qualified applicants from undergraduate nursing programs.
To help alleviate the nationwide shortage, CSU developed a master of science in nursing program for prospective nurse educators. Earlier this month, the school graduated its first class of 13 from this track.
Students were able to complete their online studies while they continued to work as full-time registered nurses.
It is possible for students to complete the master’s-level nursing degree track in 16 months. The program allows enrollees to take one five-week course at a time. In addition, two of these sessions are intended to help students learn how to integrate Christian faith into their practice.
"They will be outstanding nurse educators," said Dr. Tara Hulsey, dean of the CSU School of Nursing.
According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), budget constraints, an aging educator population and increased job competition are all factors that are influencing the faculty shortage.
To lessen the shortage’s impact, the AACN has tried to secure federal funding for faculty development programs. 

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