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The 30 Best Blogs for Dental Students

The dental profession has progressed a great deal since ancient times, with new technological tools replacing the much scarier and more primitive ones of old. One of the tech tools that many dentists are using with great success these days is the web, whether advertising their own practices or sharing advice on all things dental. Dental students still in college or preparing to graduate soon can find a great deal of information on these blogs that can make dental school and the ensuing transition into professional business world a little bit easier. Here are 30 blogs we think dental students should give a read to learn more about everything they’ll need to succeed in school and beyond.

For Students

Made by students or especially for them, these blogs are ideal reads for any dental student.

  1. This blog is a haven for dental students looking for advice, guidance and support. Readers will find great articles as well as a new forum for talking with other dental students.
  2. The Student Doctor Network: The SDN offers up information for dental students that can help them to prepare for exams, get advice on working as a dentist, and much more.
  3. University of the Pacific Dental Student Blog: You don’t have to attend this dental school to take advantage of the articles posted on their blog, which is all about issues pertinent to dental school studies.
  4. The Dental Student: This dental student shares everything from product reviews to his thoughts on the world of dentistry through this blog.
  5. All Dentists Blog: If you’re looking for guidance in building your practice and career or just making it through dental school with sanity intact, then give this informational blog a read.
  6. Mouthing Off: The blog of the American Student Dental Association, this site is an invaluable resource on topics like finding work, meeting other dentists, and enjoying the perks of being a dentistry student (free stuff).
  7. The Junior Dentist: Here, a young dental student shares what he learns from day to day in dental school, which can be a great review or educational resource for any dental student to peruse.
  8. The New Dentist Clinical Buzz: Geared towards the newly graduated dental student, this blog will help you to keep up with the latest clinical research in dental practice, ideas for improving your own work and much more.

News and Information

Want to keep abreast of all the latest news in the dental world? These blogs can help.

  1. Dentistry: A basic resource on the field of dentistry, this blog explores a number of dental issues.
  2. WorldDental: An online dental health magazine, WorldDental will help readers learn about an incredibly diverse range of topics, from the latest in dental implant technology to practicing more environmentally-friendly dentistry.
  3. Dr. Bicuspid: Geared towards professionals in the dental field, this blog publishes some great articles that will help any young professional not only learn to be a better dentist, but stay on the cutting edge of new technology and developments.
  4. Dental Blogging: Here, dental students can sink their teeth into dental blogs written by professionals and students alike, all aggregated to this one site.
  5. Dentistry News: From issues that patients might worry about to news that may affect your dental practice, this blog collects the best news on dentistry from around the web.
  6. Open Wide: The Chicago Dental Society maintains this blog for professionals (and dental students) that reports on new research, dental events and other professional topics.
  7. ADA News: One of the best sites for staying on top of the dental world, this American Dental Association blog is full of dental health care news.
  8. Science Daily Dentistry News: With updates that will help you stay on top of the most amazing and groundbreaking work being done in dentistry today, this news site is a must-read for any dental student.

Dental Practice

The whole point of dental school is to one day become a dentist and to do that, you’ll need to join a practice or start your own. These blogs offer up some advice to make the transition from dental school into professional dentistry a little easier.

  1. The Visible Dentist: The web can be a valuable tool for dental professionals promoting their businesses, and on this blog you’ll learn how to use SEO and other online practices to better market your future practice.
  2. Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Being a successful dentist isn’t just about knowing your stuff when it comes to medicine — it’s also a business. Through this blog, you’ll learn some tips and tools to better build your practice or bring something new to an existing one.
  3. Exceptional Dental Practice Management: Don’t let all that hard work at dental school go down the tubes because you don’t have business savvy. This blog will show you how to build a better dental practice from the ground up.
  4. The Dental Blog: This blog offers up dental news as well as asks some tough questions that you’ll need to figure out as a practicing dentist.
  5. The TAO of Dentistry: Do you have a philosophy for your future dental practice in mind? If not, this blog will show you why having this simple idea in your head could make a big difference.
  6. The Digital Dentist: Visit this blog for ideas on how to better use technology to build a successful dentistry practice.
  7. Dental Heroes: Focusing on dental practice management, this blog will help you better hone your business, from analyzing your management processes to finding new patients and employees.
  8. The Curious Dentist: Chris Salierno, a well known-dentist and expert on practice management, uses this blog to share updates on new dental practices, ways to adjust your business, and much more.


Who better to teach you about what being a dentist is all about than those who have years of experience working in the field? Make these blogs regular reads for inspiration and advice.

  1. Dental News and Technology: Dentist Marty Jablow shares dental news and updates on technology on this blog, many of which will affect you in the professional world.
  2. The Tooth Booth Dental Blog: Dr. Hans Skariah muses about science and the dental profession on this blog.
  3. The Daily Grind: Written by three seasoned dental professionals, this blog is a great place to go for insights into what it’s really like to work as a dentist.
  4. Flap’s Dentistry Blog: This California dentist and blogger posts on the dental profession at large, from costs to employment trends, making it an educational read for anyone about to enter into the working world.
  5. The Endo Blog: Curious about endontics? Learn a bit more about what it entails, whether it might be right for you and talk to others in the field right now on this site.
  6. Teeth, Tech and Truth: On this blog, Dr. Jeff Rohde comments on all things dental, from marketing to teeth whitening.

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