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Schools Collaborate to Offer Mental Health Nursing Course

A collaboration between three academic institutions will lead to the development of a new mental health course for students who are seeking a nursing degree, reports the Morning Sun.
Kansas’ Board of Nursing recently approved the collaboration between Fort Scott Community College, Labette Community College and Pittsburg State University (PSU).
As a result of the partnership, PSU nursing students will be required to take the new course, which is called nursing the psychiatric/mental health.
The course will draw upon the talents of one faculty member from Labette, two from Fort Scott and two from PSU. This group will utilize the ANGEL management system to set up a single repository for the project. From here, content such as lessons, assignments and materials can be shared between the three institutions.
Cheryl Giefer, PSU nursing acting chairperson, believes that having a three-school collaboration will be better for students than just having one or two faculty members sharing their expertise.
“This is going to help out because we will have multiple nurses with advanced practice in psychiatric mental health nursing,” she said.
Individuals who are interested in mental health may want to pursue clinical nurse specialist positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these individuals provide direct patient care and expert consultations in areas such as psychiatric-mental health.

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