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Nursing Degree Students Receive iPod Touch

Rather than receiving a white lab coat for hospital use, nursing degree students at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) are now given an iPod Touch as they transition to their clinical studies, reports the Daily Bruin.

According to Courtney Lyder, dean of the UCLA School of Nursing, the move to integrate technology into the curriculum allows students to improve the quality of bedside care.

Each student’s iPod Touch comes equipped with medical applications. The first, called Nursing Central, provides information on diagnoses, procedures, diseases and medicine.


The device’s other applications offer help studying for nursing board exams, and an English-to-Spanish translator for common questions and phrases.

"This is really preparing our students for 21st-century nursing," Lyder says.

School officials hope that the curriculum’s inclusion of the iPod Touch will attract more individuals to UCLA’s nursing program. In addition, they believe that the devices provide students with instant access to information.

UCLA’s desire to attract more students to its nursing program reflects the growing need for healthcare workers nationwide. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase in the number of elderly patients who will need specialized care over the coming years.

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