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Healthcare Hiring on the Rise in Some Regions

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the healthcare industry will generate 3.2 million new jobs by 2018. This increase in opportunities may benefit individuals who hold or are planning to pursue a nursing degree.

This projection reflects economic developments in the Minneapolis region, reports the Kansas City Star.
For instance, the area’s largest group, Allina Hospitals and Clinics, is looking to fill around 900 jobs. The second biggest, Fairview Health Services, has more than 500 openings.
Though the number of healthcare job opportunities is lower than it was a few years ago, there are more postings now than there have been in some time, according to the news source.
According to David Johnson, Allina recruitment director, the hiring landscape is "better," but "different." Jobs that are currently available in the healthcare industry include everything from registered nurses and lab technicians to food service workers. In addition, individuals who have more experience and specialized skills are in higher demand than recent graduates, who are having a hard time finding work.
"It’s tied to the economy generally, but also more cautiousness in not knowing what’s happening with health reform," says Alice Swan, associate dean of nursing at St. Catherine University in Minnesota.  

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