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Finding Volunteer Opportunities in College

Volunteering while in college is not only a way to help out your fellow man, but it’s also a great way to meet like-minded friends. But finding volunteer opportunities isn’t always easy, particularly if your college doesn’t have a student organization dedicated to organizing student volunteers. Here we’ll share some tips for finding volunteer opportunities in college.

A great way to get involved in a volunteer effort is to join a sorority or fraternity. The ticket here is to choose an organization with a good reputation on your campus. After all, some Greek organizations are more concerned about the next keg party than they are about fundraising and raising awareness for a good cause. By talking with members of these groups and visiting the websites of various sororities/fraternities with chapters on your campus, you can quickly find out about the philanthropic foundation that organization supports and their level of commitment to it. Not only can sororities and fraternities connect you to volunteer opportunities, but they can also connect you with friends and networking opportunities for life.

Another way to find volunteer opportunities is looking to the various religious organizations on your campus. Whether or not you subscribe to any particular religion, many religious groups organize different forms of community outreach and aren’t necessarily opposed to another able-bodied individual helping in their various causes, which might include feeding the homeless or mentoring inner city teens. Religious organizations are concerned about volunteering as it represents love for their fellow man—a tenet of most religions. For religious college students, volunteering also presents an opportunity to share their faith with people in need.

You can keep apprised of volunteer opportunities by regularly reading your college’s student newspaper and visiting your college’s event page online. This way you’ll know ahead of time when students are needed for a neighborhood clean-up or other sorts of volunteer events.

Finally, you can also look outside your college campus for volunteer opportunities. A quick call to City Hall or a visit to your city’s website can often reveal a number of local nonprofit organizations that could use a hand. You can also check helpful websites like or to see what charitable organizations in your area could use some help.

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