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College Graduates 31 New Healthcare Workers

A shortage of healthcare workersis currently afflicting the nation, but students continue to graduate from nursing programs across the country, hoping to fill vacant slots.

For instance, on December 11, Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) recognized 31 graduates who recently completed the school’s associate of science in nursing track.
In addition, each member of the 2010 graduating class received a ceremonial nursing pin. This is considered to be a medal of honor and a badge of courage within the profession, according to college officials.
Individuals who choose to enroll in SBCC’s two-year associate nursing program receive instruction in both the classroom and clinical settings within the community. Following graduation, students are eligible to take the state board examination for licensure as a registered nurse.
“The program is very intense academically, and the process is long and arduous," said Sheri Shields, SBCC associate professor. She added that students must complete pre-requisite science courses, face a two-year wait to enter the program, and then a four-semester curriculum of study.
According to Shields, nursing is one of the highest paying professions for recent college students. She added that jobs are available and approximately 80 percent of graduates find work within the local region.

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