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60 Essential Links for Quit-Smoking Support

If you’re trying to quit smoking, you can use all the support you can get. Websites, communities, and more all offer a lending hand. Make use of these links to quit for your health, family, and life.

Resources & Advice

These sites can point you in the right direction for resources and advice that will help you quit smoking.

  1. Smoking Cessation Health Center: WebMD’s health center will help you quit with tools, advice, and more.
  2. Reasons and Resources for Quitting Smoking: Suite 101 offers some great ideas for quitting smoking.
  3. Dealing with Urges to Smoke: Deal with your smoking urges by using these ideas.
  4. Where to Get Help When You Decide to Quit Smoking: Here you’ll find out how you can get help when you want to quit smoking.
  5. How Can I Quit Smoking?: Find out about quitting smoking as a teen on this site.
  6. How to Quit Smoking: Read about the steps of quitting smoking here.
  7. Quitting Tobacco-Talk With Your Doctor: This radiocast shares why it’s so important to discuss tobacco use with your doctor.
  8. My Time to Quit: Get started with the how-tos of quitting on My Time to Quit.


Check out these websites for information, motivation, and more for quitting smoking.

  1. About: Quit Smoking: Browse the topic of quitting smoking here.
  2. Determined to Quit: Determined to Quit can offer you motivation, information, support, resources, and more.
  3. Quitter in You: The American Lung Association’s site offers inspiration for quitting smoking.
  4. Quit Tobacco: Designed for members of the military, this site has tools, information, and more for those who want to quit smoking, spitting, and using tobacco.
  5. Smoke Free Homes: Smoke Free Homes will help you stop secondhand smoke exposure to children.


Become a part of these communities for the support you need to quit smoking.

  1. Stobacco: Stobacco will help you get support from your friends to quit smoking.
  2. Quit Smoking Message Board: Check out this message board for support in quitting smoking.
  3. Wellsphere Quit Smoking Community: Get help for quitting smoking in Wellsphere’s community.
  4. Stop Smoking Center: The Stop Smoking Center offers this support group for getting through the rough spots.
  5. WhyQuit: WhyQuit offers motivation, education, and support for quitting smoking.
  6. Smoking Cessation: offers this smoking cessation support forum.
  7. QuitNet: QuitNet’s forums and more can help you avoid quitting alone.
  8. Ready to Quit: Ready to Quit has support groups and more for quitting smoking.
  9. Stop Smoking Simplified: Here you can find community support groups for quitting smoking.


Follow these blogs for information and motivation for quitting smoking.

  1. My Quit Smoking Diary: Read about quitting aids, tips, and more here.
  2. Smoking Cessation Blog: Terry Martin discusses ideas and support for quitting smoking.
  3. I Can Quit!: Learn about going tobacco free on this blog.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Lifestyle shares information and tips on stopping your smoking habit.
  5. Quit Smoking for Good: The smokers blog will help you learn how to quit smoking.
  6. Nonsmoking Nation: Read the Nonsmoking Nation blog to follow tobacco-related news and events.
  7. Quit Smoking Counter: This blog shares gadgets and tools that can help you quit smoking cold turkey.
  8. Quit Smoking: Mayo Clinic counselor Jennifer Kern discusses quitting smoking on this blog.

Programs & Guides

These resources will help you follow programs that can help you quit smoking.

  1. Freedom from Smoking: The American Lung Association offers this online program to help you quit smoking.
  2. Guide to Quitting Smoking: The American Cancer Society offers this guide to quitting smoking.
  3. Become an Ex: Relearn life without cigarettes by getting started with Become an Ex.
  4. Not on Tobacco: Not on Tobacco is an online program designed to help reduce teen smoking.
  5. Help for Smokers and Other Tobacco Users: In this consumer guide, you’ll find help for kicking the habit of smoking.
  6. Guide to Quitting Smoking: Find the basics of quitting smoking, and learn how to take action against smoking in this guide.
  7. Smokefree: This government website offers a step by step quit guide, quizzes, and more.
  8. Pathways to Freedom: Pathways to Freedom discusses strategies for gaining freedom from tobacco.
  9. Quitting Helps You Heal Faster: This informative resource explains why you should quit smoking while in the hospital.


These guides offer information on products that can help you stop smoking.

  1. Nicorette: Nicorette’s website has information and quit plans available to help.
  2. Stop-Smoking Programs Resource Guide: This guide shares what you should look for in a smoking cessation program.
  3. FDA 101: Smoking Cessation Products: This guide offers a discussion of the various options available for smoking cessation.
  4. Drugs@FDA: Get more information on smoking cessation drugs from this FDA site.

Information & Advice

Check out these links for information and advice on kicking the habit.

  1. How to Quit Smoking Now: Fast and Easy: Find out why and how you can quit smoking.
  2. Nicotine Dependence: The Mayo Clinic explains the symptoms, risk factors, and support resources for nicotine dependence.
  3. How Can I Quit Smoking?: This document explains how you can quit smoking.
  4. Tips for Parents: The American Lung Association offers tips for parents who would like to prevent smoking in their children.
  5. Smoking: Steps to Help You Break the Habit: Take these steps to stop the habit of smoking.
  6. How Can I Handle the Stress of Not Smoking?: Check out this information sheet to learn how you can deal with the stress of quitting smoking.
  7. How to Handle Withdrawal Symptoms and Triggers When You Decide to Quit Smoking: Use this fact sheet to learn how to deal with withdrawal symptoms and triggers you may experience when you quit smoking.
  8. How Can I Avoid Weight Gain When I Stop Smoking?: This information sheet can help you avoid the weight gain that can happen when you stop smoking.
  9. Smoking Cessation PSAs with National Football League Hall of Famer Darrell Green: In this video, Darrell Green talks to kids about tobacco use.
  10. Harms of Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitting: This fact sheet discusses the cancers and other problems that can develop from smoking, as well as benefits you’ll receive when you decide to quit.
  11. If You’re Pregnant and You Smoke: This audio program shares the risks of smoking while pregnant.
  12. "Light" Cigarettes and Cancer Risk: Get the real information on light cigarettes through this fact sheet.
  13. How to Give Up Smoking: Quit Smoking for good with the help of this resource.
  14. 97 Reasons to Quit Smoking: If you need all of the reasons to quit smoking spelled out, check out this list.
  15. Quit Tips: Find tips for quitting in this article from the CDC.
  16. Your Non-Smoking Life: Transition into a non-smoking life with this article.
  17. Why Quit Smoking?: The American Heart Association explains why you should quit smoking in this article.

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