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50 Best Blogs to Learn About Attachment Parenting

There are many different theories on what the right and wrong ways to parent actually are, and it’s likely that if you’ve got children you’ve already heard advice from just about everyone on how to properly raise them. Yet the only person who can truly decide what’s right and wrong for your family is you. That’s why the web can be a great way to learn more about parenting; you can look and learn at your leisure. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about attachment or natural parenting, here’s a list of great blogs that will get you started, written by parents and healthcare professionals, so you’ll find information you can trust that can help you, and you alone, decide if this style of parenting is the right choice.


If you’re seeking the basics on attachment parenting, start with these great blogs.

  1. Attachment Parenting Blog: Learn about attachment parenting from this blog written by the father of three kids– one of the best sources for information about the practice on the web.
  2. API Speaks: Attachment Parenting International– a nonprofit organization– maintains this extremely informative blog.
  3. The Attached Parent: Learn how to effectively use attachment parenting as well as find tips for babies, discipline, natural living and much more.
  4. Attachment Mothering: This blog is chock full of tips, advice and news all about attachment parenting.
  5. A Much Better Blog: This mom believes in breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, cloth diapering and just about anything else that’s a hot topic for attachment parents.
  6. Modern Alternative Mama: Forego the mainstream like this mom, and learn how to develop strong, trusting, healthy relationships with your children from this blog.
  7. Conscious Mama: This blog will teach you how to be present with your children and touches on some important parenting issues.
  8. Baby Dust Diaries: This blog is full of information for anyone considering attachment parenting, including articles on breastfeeding, co-sleeping, vaccinations and discipline.
  9. Laurie Couture: Parenting coach, speaker and author Laurie Couture shares her expert opinion on all things natural parenting on this blog.

From Parents

These parents share their experiences with natural and attachment parenting though their amazing blogs.

  1. Attached at the Hip: Hear this mom’s perspective on attachment parenting through her posts about everyday life.
  2. Attachment Mama: Learn how this mom is using attachment parenting techniques and more in her blog.
  3. PhD in Parenting: The only school for parents in real life and experience, both things this mom is sharing.
  4. Woman Uncensored: Here you’ll find a mom who stands up for her beliefs and thinks attachment parenting is the way to go when it comes to raising kids.
  5. The Mahogany Way: Mom Darcel uses this blog to talk about the attachment parenting techniques they’re using with their two young children.
  6. One Starry Night: On this blog, you’ll find Sarah, a mom passionate about implementing attachment parenting in her life.
  7. Strocel: This mom takes natural parenting to heart, spending time with her children, learning to live more sustainably and finding balance in her own life.
  8. Banned from Baby Showers: A teacher of the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, this mom believes that the way babies are born and cared for in society is in crisis and that a more natural approach is in order.
  9. Sardines in a Can: Follow along with this family as they continue on their journey of natural parenting and unschooling.
  10. If you’re looking for an excellent perspective from a real-world mom on natural parenting, look no further than this blog.
  11. Crazy Adventures in Parenting: This mom of six shares her experiences living naturally while trying to wrangle her kids.
  12. Crunchy Domestic Goddess: On this site, you’ll find posts about numerous natural and attachment parenting issues, from home birth to homeschooling.


One part of attachment parenting is breastfeeding your children– often until they choose to stop wanting to breastfeed on their own. Learn more about it through these blogs.

  1. Motherwear’s Breastfeeding Blog: You’ll find interviews, information and loads of support for breastfeeding on this site.
  2. Breastfeeding Blog: Read through this blog to learn about the basics of breastfeeding.
  3. Breastfeeding Mum’s: This blog, written by a British mom, is full of great posts to help new parents breastfeed their children.
  4. The Pump Station: Learn what a nurturing and close experience breastfeeding can be as well as finding some great help for new moms on this site.
  5. Mama Knows Breast: From breastfeeding policies to breastfeeding benefits, you’ll find it all on this blog.
  6. Best for Babes: This blog will teach you why breastfeeding may just be the best thing for your baby.
  7. Milk of Human Kindness: Find out more about the essential things you’ll need to know about breastfeeding as a new mom on this blog.
  8. Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother: This mom talks not only about breastfeeding, but also about attachment parenting, home birth, and other mothering issues.
  9. Nursing Freedom: This blog helps women learn about breastfeeding policy everywhere in the US.
  10. Breastfeeding Moms Unite!: Find support from other moms on this blog to help you breastfeed your children.


Many attachment parents think it’s important to keep your baby close and secure to you. These blogs can teach you many of the benefits of babywearing.

  1. Adventures in Babywearing: See how this family has taken babywearing to heart as they practice attachment parenting.
  2. Babywearing Buzz: Use this blog to find out about the latest news and products in babywearing.
  3. Babywearing Dads: Think babywearing is for moms only? Think again. This blog is full of photos of dads bonding with their babies.

Natural and Green Family

Natural parenting goes hand-in-hand with attachment parenting. You’ll be able to learn more about it through the resources on any of these helpful blogs.

  1. NatureMoms Blog: This site is the ultimate guide to natural parenting, full of recipes, tips, shared experiences and more.
  2. Instead of TV: See how this family is spending more time with each other and less time with the television.
  3. Tiny Grass: If you’re looking for some tips living more naturally as a family, as well as coping with issues all parents have to face, visit this blog for help.
  4. Hobo Mama: Parents new and experienced alike can learn from this blog all about natural parenting.
  5. Code Name: Mama: This mama’s blog is a great source of information for anyone looking to learn more about natural parenting.
  6. Unplugged Parenting: Blogger Melissa Dormoy teaches about parenting from the heart on this blog.
  7. Cloth Diaper Addiction: Check out this blog to learn why cloth diapers may be the best way to go for green parents.
  8. Eco Child’s Play: You’ll find resources to help you make the best eco-friendly choices for your kids on this blog.
  9. Natural Moms: This blog is dedicated to providing help and guidance for parents hoping to go the natural route with their children.
  10. Natural Parenting Center: Whether you’re looking for new parenting books to read, or just ways to make your parenting more natural, check out this blog.
  11. Natural Parents Network: Hook up with other parents living naturally and get recipes, articles on attachment parenting and much more.
  12. Kelly Naturally: This mom has loads to teach readers about natural parenting and green living.

Gentle Parenting

These blogs will help you learn to discipline and interact with your children without yelling or violence.

  1. Parenting Peacefully: Learn how to make your home and your interactions with kids more peaceful with help from this blog.
  2. Peaceful Parenting: This blog will teach you how to just go with the flow and keep your home a happy and healthy place for you and your family.
  3. Living Peacefully with Children:
  4. The Parent Vortex: Learn more on this blog about gentle discipline and find other resources that can help you navigate the sometimes tumultuous path of raising kids.

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