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50 Best Blogs for Bodybuilding Advice

Whipping your muscles into shape can be an immensely satisfying experience, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or hoping to turn your skinny arms or tummy flab into a well-muscled marvel. No matter your level of expertise, there’s always something more you can learn about improving your fitness and building the body you want. Here are some great blogs on bodybuilding that will provide you with the advice and inspiration you need to pump up your muscles to help your health or just to make you feel good about how you look.

The Basics

Find news and bodybuilding essentials on these helpful blogs.

  1. Inside Bodybuilding: Learn more about the biggest bodybuilding contests, supplements worth trying and much more on this site.
  2. Fabodylous: If you’re looking for fitness and bodybuilding news as well as some ideas on how you can get into the sport yourself, give this blog a read.
  3. Stay-Fit Bug: From what to eat to how to work out, this blog has everything you’ll need to get fit and ripped.
  4. MusclesProd: This site is an excellent resource for just about any bodybuilding advice you could need, including articles on the dangers of steroids, finding inspiration and much more.
  5. Project Swole: Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, this site is full of great advice that will inspire you to work your muscles, get fit and eat right.
  6. Drug-Free Bodybuilding: Many bodybuilding blogs advocate the use of steroids, but not this one. You’ll find loads of tips on muscle building the all-natural way.
  7. Body Building Blog: This blog is an excellent resource on bodybuilding, both for old pros and those just starting out. Check back regularly for articles, workouts and videos you can use.
  8. Physical Living: This fitness and weight lifting blog provides some excellent articles for both men and women on getting in shape and making the most of what your body can do.
  9. Hulse Strength: Learn all kinds of ways you can make your body stronger than ever through this blog.
  10. Iron Magazine: Filled with news about fitness and bodybuilding, this blog is a great resource for those training at all levels.
  11. BodyBuilding Natural: This blog will help you keep up with bodybuilding news and provide you to links on the latest natural supplements.
  12. My Muscle World: Learn more about bodybuilding, both the good and the bad of it, on this blog.

Expert Advice

These sites are full of advice and information from personal trainers, professional bodybuilders and medical professionals.

  1. Total Fitness Bodybuilding: Lee Hayward, a bodybuilding guru, went from skinny to chubby to ripped and offers his advice on how others can do the same.
  2. Bodybuilding Secrets Live: Here, Marc David, creator of the No Bull Bodybuilding program shares insights on how to get the muscles you want the natural way.
  3. Bodybuilding: Hugo Rivera knows his stuff when it comes to bodybuilding, making this blog a great resources for weight lifting at any level.
  4. The Iron Samurai: Olympic weightlifter Nick Horton shares his insights on weight training as well as staying Zen throughout it all on this blog.
  5. Ask Joe: Do you have a workout question you’d like help with? Check out this blog for guidance from Joe DeFranco on everything you’ll need to get ripped.
  6. Doctor Hartman: Michael Hartman is a sport scientist and the perfect person to look to for information that will help you build your muscles the healthy, most efficient way.
  7. Nick Mitchell’s Ultimate Performance: Visit this blog for advice on everything from losing fat to becoming a serious bodybuilder.
  8. eFitnessOnline: Dr. Courtney Jensen is a fitness expert and a bodybuilder, making the articles on this site twice as beneficial to readers.

Weight Lifting and Strength Training

Learn more about what you can do to build muscle and improve your strength here.

  1. Renegade Strength and Conditioning: Whether you aim to become a bodybuilding competitor or just want to bulk up, check out this blog from Jason Ferruggia for tips and advice on weight training.
  2. Freestyle Fitness: Get some free personal training advice on this blog that can help you get started in your fitness and bodybuilding journey.
  3. Become Your Own Hero: Trainer Nate Green shares advice on this blog that can help you make fitness breakthroughs key to your success in weight training.
  4. IOL Strength and Conditioning: Dave Draper will show you how to get into killer shape through strength training and conditioning on this blog.
  5. Waxman’s Gym: You don’t have to belong to this SoCal gym to take advantage of the hardcore lifting and athletic training advice they have to offer.
  6. Weight Lifting Epiphanies: Focusing on Olympic weightlifting, this blog has a lot to offer anyone who’s interested in learning more about what it takes to get in shape like a Greek god (or goddess.)
  7. Gwen Weightlifting: Even if you never make it to the Olympics, learning more about elite weightlifting can only be a boon to your success in bodybuilding.
  8. The Glute Guy: Get your butt in shape (literally) with help from Bret Contreras.
  9. Strength Training Blog: Not getting what you want from your workouts? Check out this blog for tips on how to improve the results of your strength training.

For Women

Many bodybuilding blogs are geared towards men, but women need not feel left out. These blogs focus on helping the ladies get in great shape as well.

  1. BuffMother: You won’t believe this bodybuilding mom has four kids when you see her ripped physique.
  2. With or without my Mojo…The time is NOW!: Find all the inspiration you need to get your body in top condition from bodybuilder and trainer Hannah-Lee.
  3. Lifting Revolution: Women can find a number of great exercise routines for building muscle and fighting fat on this site.
  4. The Mighty Mix: Women looking for inspiration should visit this blog. Kat provides great links, stories and videos for ladies hoping to break into strength training.
  5. Lisa Cross: Lisa Cross is super fit and shares her training secrets and inspirational photos here.


If you’re not sure where to start in your bodybuilding journey, visit these sites to find some helpful routines to try.

  1. Muscle Hack: Marc McManus has the muscles to prove that his system works, so check out his blog from some amazing workout routines and tips you can try.
  2. StrongLifts: You’ll find some helpful strength and muscle building strategies as well as some other bodybuilding advice on this blog.
  3. Always a Bodybuilder: This serious bodybuilder shares what he does to keep himself in such great shape on his blog.
  4. Experimental Bodybuilding: Trainer and bodybuilder Mike Brown shares routines and workouts that will make you feel and look great.
  5. Takano Athletics: Get some new insights into performance sports training and weightlifting through this site, full of amazing workouts for you to try.
  6. Super Training Blog: On this site, you’ll find some interesting tips and articles as well as routines to help you get a six pack, work your biceps and generally get fit.


These blogs will help to inspire you to be the best you can be.

  1. Diesel Crew: Geared towards those who are already in great shape, this blog offers up some inspiration and advice for taking things to the next level.
  2. Golden Muscles: Want to see all that your body can be if you really push it to the limit? The photos and news on this site are sure to inspire you.
  3. Ross Training: Whether you’re in need of inspiration, want some help with training or need a kick in the butt to get started, this blog has it all.
  4. What’s Your Excuse?: Do you find yourself making excuses not to work out? Nino Savona can only walk with the aid of crutches and that hasn’t stopped him.
  5. Functional Strength: Learn ways to use your bodybuilding and strength training to help you in the real world through this blog.
  6. Way of Life!: A former Mr. Asia, Terry Gallyot shares what he knows best– bodybuilding– on this blog.

Diet and Nutrition

Having a killer body isn’t accomplished though workouts alone– you have to eat right, too. Visit these blogs to learn more about how to create a healthy diet for weight training.

  1. Diet Blog: While there are many general nutrition posts on this blog, some are focused on bodybuilding and athletic training.
  2. The Protein Review: Learn how eating more protein can help you shed fat, build muscle and get in shape from this blog.
  3. Mark’s Daily Apple: Follow the Primal Diet for improved health and fitness.
  4. Protein Power: Dr. Michael Eades showcases the medical benefits of eating a high protein, low-carb diet on this blog.

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