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40 Fascinating Blogs About Childhood Development

Watching children grow and develop is fun and interesting for many. From babies learning to move to toddlers learning through play, there’s lots to explore in child development. These blogs offer a fascinating look into the world of child development.


News, exploration, community and more can be found on these child development blogs.

  1. Child Development Media Blog: Find child development news and resources on this blog. (Recommended Post: Classic Games Help Improve Self-Control in Children)
  2. Wonder of Children: Wonder of Children shares observations and thoughts on childhood exploration. (Recommended Post: Play, More Than Child’s Work)
  3. International Child Resource Institute: This organization empowers the village to raise children. (Recommended Post: Another Transformation)


These blogs focus on the development of babies.

  1. Secrets of Baby Behavior: Decode baby’s secrets with these expert moms. (Recommended Post: The Science of Infant Sleep)
  2. Pregnancy & Baby Blog: SheKnows discusses fresh news from pregnancy and baby development. (Recommended Post: Health Threats in Baby Food)
  3. Baby Development Blog: Follow your baby’s growth on the Baby Development Blog. (Recommended Post: Top Ten Baby Must Haves)

Nutrition & Health

Read these blogs to learn about nutrition and health for children.

  1. Raising a Healthy Family: Make every day an adventure with Raising a Healthy Family. (Recommended Post: My Emergency Travel Bag)
  2. Healthy Child Healthy World: Help children develop in a healthier world through this blog. (Recommended Post: Growing Fresh Air with 8 Powerful Plants)
  3. Center on Media and Child Health: The CMCH shares research and news about the effects of media on the health of children and adolescents. (Recommended Post: Research Toolbox: Media Literacy Resources)
  4. Nourishing Thoughts: Nourishing Thoughts shares information for family nutrition. (Recommended Post: Helping Your Children Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Every Day)
  5. Happy Healthy Hip Parenting: This blog will help you parent in a happy, healthy, and hip way. (Recommended Post: Building a Strong Marriage)
  6. SuperKids Nutrition Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about growing healthy kids, families, and communities. (Recommended Post: Starting a Family Garden)
  7. Mum-Mum Blog: Find recipes, development information, and more on the Mum-Mum Blog. (Recommended Post: Mom’s Voice Plays Special Role in Activating Newborn’s Brain)


Find fun things to do with kids that can enrich their development with these blogs.

  1. Family Crafts: Sherri Osborn shares a guide to fun family crafts. (Recommended Post: Printable Calendars)
  2. Toddler Craft: This blog is dedicated to fun crafts and tips for kids 1-7. (Recommended Post: Learning About the Ocean)
  3. Activity Village Blog: Keep kids busy and learning with the activities on this blog. (Recommended Post: Finger Knitting Fun)
  4. Kids Crafts & Activities: Find drawing lessons and other fun artistic activities on Artists Helping Children. (Recommended Post: The Origami Fox Box for the Beginner Paper Folder Child)
  5. The Activity Mom: Read The Activity Mom to find fun crafts and other ideas for child development. (Recommended Post: I Spy Window)
  6. Play Activities: Play Activities offers ideas for having fun as a family. (Recommended Post: Miniature Gardens With Little Ones)


On these blogs, you’ll find the science of child development.

  1. Insights: Insights shares clinical information for child psychology. (Recommended Post: Evaluating Your Child’s Learning Needs)
  2. Child Psychology Research Blog: Check out this blog for research based commentary on child psychology. (Recommended Post: Bedtime Routines)
  3. Ask the Child Psychologist: Dr. Daniel Klein answers your child psychology questions on this blog. (Recommended Post: Parents Can Ease Kids’ Fears About School Changes)
  4. Early Childhood Brain Insights: On this blog, you’ll learn about the importance of brain development in the early years. (Recommended Post: The Value of Play in Early Brain Development)
  5. Raising Happiness: Greater Good shares this blog on research science for joyful kids and happier parents. (Recommended Post: Fake It Til You Make It)

Gifted & Special Needs

These blogs focus on development for gifted and special needs children.

  1. Gifted Child Information Blog: Find resources for gifted and advanced learners on this blog. (Recommended Post: Puppetry for Gifted Kids)
  2. Don’t Eat Us!: This dad is trying to be an autism hero. (Recommended Post: Wires Peez!)
  3. Dr. Gil Tippy’s Child Development Blog: Dr. Gil Tippy writes about autism and more on this blog. (Recommended Post: Dr. Gil Tippy Talks about Flapping in Autism, and Mentions Miley Cyrus)
  4. Odd Ducks: Odd Ducks challenges autism, allergies, and asthma. (Recommended Post: Where We Are Today and Where We Go From Here)


See how parenting can impact child development by reading these blogs.

  1. API Speaks: Attachment Parenting offers a voice for gentle parenting. (Recommended Post: Staying Patient)
  2. Radical Parenting: This blog offers parenting advice written by kids. (Recommended Post: Radical Parenting Principles)
  3. ToddleBabes: The ToddleBabes blog offers a variety of posts on research for child development. (Recommended Post: STOP Fussy Eaters)
  4. Little Bytes News: Little Bytes discusses parenting child development, and more. (Recommended Post: Only 31 Words)
  5. Not Just Cute: Learn how to parent with positive guidance on Not Just Cute. (Recommended Post: A Handful of Fun)
  6. Earnest Parenting: Be an encouraging hero through the Earnest Parenting blog. (Recommended Post: I Just Want to Be On the Same Team)


These blogs focus on education in child development.

  1. Literacy, Families, and Learning: Literacy, Families, and Learning shares support for literacy. (Recommended Post: Getting Boys into Reading Through Non-Fiction Material)
  2. DreamBox Learning: The DreamBox Blog shares strategies for math learning. (Recommended Post: The "Hole in The Wall" Project)
  3. Child Development Blog: Dawn Braa is a child development instructor offering insight into early childhood education. (Recommended Post: Inspired)
  4. Yardsticks: Yardsticks offers insight into childhood development in the classroom. (Recommended Post: Helping With Homework)
  5. School Psychology Blog: Understand the science behind developmental learning on the School Psychology Blog. (Recommended Blog: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Toys!)
  6. Whole Child Education: In this blog, you’ll learn about taking the Whole Child approach in education. (Recommended Post: Challenged)

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