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10 Trendy Health Treatments of the Rich and Famous

By Leslie

While you might consider yourself lucky if you have your boss’ okay to miss work for a regular doctor’s appointment, some people in this world indulge in all kinds of expensive, leisurely health treatments to balance energy, reduce stress, lose weight, and just feel better about themselves. If you’re into alternative medicine or just want to learn more about different kinds of therapies and medical theories, check out this list of 10 trendy health treatments of the rich and famous.

  1. Vinegar shots: Gossip magazines and women’s magazines rely on the sometimes absurd and shocking diets that celebrities undergo to slim down for movie roles or red carpet events, but this fad is also touted as a healthy cleanse. Taking shots of vinegar — regular or apple cider — supposedly cleanses your body and even combats water retention at certain times of the month.
  2. Rehab hide-out: Rehab itself isn’t a trend — it’s a legitimate recovery system for addicts of all types and for people who need to focus on improving their mental and emotional health. But certain celebrities take rehab to a whole new level, ducking into posh resort-style rehab facilities after embarrassingly public blow-outs. We’re not saying celebrities don’t need rehab just like the rest of us, but it’s certainly a trend that’s won over everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Demi Lovato to David Arquette to Chris Klein (and that’s just in the last couple of months).
  3. SuJok Therapy: Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow still kills it in her films, but she’s also knighted herself a lifestyle guru in recent years. Through her website and newsletter GOOP, Paltrow dispenses all sorts of wellness and happy living advice, and has also admitted to using SuJok Therapy, a Korean massage treatment that focuses on the hands and feet. The idea is that concentrating on the hands and feet will also positively impact other parts of the body.
  4. Leeches: Demi Moore’s in freakishly good shape — even for someone much younger — but has gotten into trouble for recommending extreme detox diets and other bizarre health treatments. She’s admitted to using medically "trained" leeches to detox her blood as part of a creepy cleanse, since leeches thin your blood as they suck on you.
  5. Stem cell therapy cream: Created as an anti-wrinkle cream, stem cell therapy helps your skin regenerate as it ages, preventing new wrinkles for forming because of thin, weak skin. Stem cell therapy skin increases the production of new skin cells and boosts collagen, and is supposedly used by actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore.
  6. Cupping: Although this treatment results in unsightly bruises and hickey-like marks on your body, celebrities like Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow (will she try anything?) and Jessica Simpson think it’s worth it. The ancient treatment — which involves using cups to create major suction pull on your back — is done to bring "fresh blood to the area," Glamour reported, improving circulation and digestion.
  7. The Plexus System: Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley is a fan of the Plexus System, an Irish therapy treatment that relies on bio-energy to re-balance our life energies. Sort or based on the same idea as acupuncture, The Plexus System therapist uses "unique hand movements" to direct the flow of your energy within your body.
  8. Gem Therapy: Uma Thurman indulges in gem therapy, another energy-balancing treatment that uses gem stones to improve mental clarity and emotional health. Different stones supposedly have different healing powers, like emerald and physical healing vs. amethyst, which helps you attain wisdom.
  9. Drinking lots of water: While it’s not exactly a "treatment," drinking lots of water is a trend many celebrities swear by for boosting metabolism and getting a glowing complexion. Doctors believe you should get 8 or 9 cups of water per day, or the equivalent, from other drinks and foods, to flush out toxins, keep yourself hydrated, and improve energy.
  10. Quantum Biofeedback Stress Reduction: Being rich and famous is stressful, and apparently deserves very expensive and high-tech treatments, too. If you get the Quantum Biofeedback Stress Reduction treatment from the Hotel Valley Ho in Arizona, you’ll be hooked up to a computer so that your stress impulses can be measured. The computer then sends counter-impulses back to you, helping your body achieve balance and relaxation.

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