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Will Healthcare Management Salaries Increase After the Health Care Bill?

Healthcare management play an important role in the health care system, a role which is not recognized as often as it should be by most people outside of the medical community.  Their salaries therefore typically do not reflect the immense responsibility they are given, although earning a degree in healthcare management will increase your salary, depending on your position within the medical industry.  Most students of healthcare management are typically nurses or doctors who want to become more involved with their clinic or hospital administration and earn a higher salary at the same time.  Will the healthcare bill have any impact on this type of salary increase?

Thus far, the healthcare bill has yet to be implemented into the medical community, although we are slowly starting to see the effects trickle down through the medical field.  Due to the rising costs in healthcare, it is unlikely that healthcare management salaries will increase as a result of the passage of the bill, although with more insurance companies contributing to the medical community, it is unclear what results will occur.  Regardless of whether healthcare management salaries will increase or decrease, it is important to keep in mind that earning this type of degree will guarantee that your salary will increase from its current rate because of the extra degree.  The healthcare bill has meant a major shift with health care around the country, and while it will undoubtedly affect every sector of the medical community, the administration will be left alone.

It is difficult to monitor an entire hospital or clinic, which is why there are specific management officers for each branch of medicine.  Nurses have their own form of management, while doctors and surgeons have their separate form.  Nurses typically do not respond to the management in charge of doctors, but instead take orders from their own team of managers.  Each branch is separate so that there are not conflicting orders and so that each management team already hold an extensive background in each area of medicine.  While people in the medical community will continue to earn their healthcare management degrees regardless of the difference in salary (many people just like to be administrators), it will be an incentive for most people to earn this additional degree if they see a type of salary increase as a result of the healthcare bill. 


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