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Understanding What a Biological Scientist Does

Biological science is a vast field that includes research and studies that pertain to a number of natures including botany, zoology, ecology and environmental science. Biological scientists study living organisms and their relationships to the environment to better understand life processes. Employment outlook is expected to increase much faster than the average job in biological scientists, and although it is a competitive field, interested candidates should have good job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an expected increase of biological scientists by 21%, adding more than 19,000 jobs by 2018.

The research biological scientists conduct to better understand life processes and living organisms can be divided by basic research and applied research. Basic research is conducted to expand human knowledge, without a specific target or intended goal, other than learning as much as possible. Applied research is aimed at solving a specific problem or researching a specific subject, and applied researchers usually have stricter regulations and deadlines for conducting their research. The basic research conducted by biological scientists aims to improve natural environments and allows them to better understand organisms to create solutions to human health problems. Applied researchers use knowledge gained through basic research to develop drugs, treatments and diagnostic examinations.

Most biological scientists typically work in government, university or private laboratories using a wide variety of equipment. Many conduct experiments with the use of plants and animals. Those scientists that work for private industries are normally required to discuss and explain their research plans before to see if they are accepted or denied. Most biological scientists that work in specialized fields such as botany or zoology work outdoors to conduct their research. They should be able to work both independently and as a team, as different setting require different working conditions. Many biological scientists are also under strict deadlines or demanding schedules when they are working with grants or federally funded programs.

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