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Reduce Stress Right at Your Desk

The workplace can be a stressful place. With the threat of layoffs, high productivity expectations, and the general stresses that go along with just about any job, getting through the workday without a headache or wanting to just go home and go to bed can be a challenge sometimes. Stress can be pretty bad for your body however, and having a way to de-stress and unwind is essential to staying healthy. You don’t have to wait to get home to start battling stress, however. There are many ways you can take a break and de-stress at your own desk.

Try some desk yoga. There are some simple yoga moves you can do at your desk that will help loosen up that tension in your body and relax your mind. When you’re done, you’ll feel better inside and out.

Meditate and breathe. Breathing alone can help slow your thoughts and forces you to calm down. Pair that with meditation and you’ve got a recipe for stress relief. Better yet, no one really even needs to know you’re doing it.

Think good thoughts. Ready to cuss out your boss or badmouth a coworker? Instead, try thinking something good about them instead. Take a minute out of your workday to express your gratitude for what you have and focus on what you care about. Sometimes, positive thoughts can result in a positive mood.

Try music therapy. It’s hard to be miserable when you’re listening to your favorite song, right? Make a play list you love and listen to it when you’re feeling your most stressed at work. Some people will want to get amped up to get through, others calmed down, so choose songs that meet your personal needs.

Do something for you. Even if it’s just doodling on a piece of paper or taking a break to get a cup of coffee, taking a break from your work can help you refocus and attain calm. Stop worrying about what you have to get done and let yourself just be for a few minutes.

Unless you’re ready to switch jobs you might not be able to change the amount of stress at your job What you can change, however, is how to react to it. These simple ways to calm down and reduce stress at work can help improve your workday and your life.

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