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Masters in Health Administration and Dangers in the Workplace

Health Administration has become a subject that has had the spotlight shone on it over the past few years, as more disasters have occurred that have threatened the health of Americans and new studies have indicated how unhealthy our culture as a whole has become.  While the health care industry as a whole remains vital to the future of our society, health administration has taken a new turn as it is an industry that is involved with determining what technological advances are detrimental to our health or what occupations may cause us harm.  Injuries in the workplace have become a major aspect that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration tackle, although the organization has a long way to go in order to prevent injuries from occurring, mainly having to deal with the lack of reporting that goes into these injuries.  

Workplace injuries are one of the most common complaints that go through the data of health administration, creating the database of Occupational Safety and Health Administration which oversees the many instances of work related injuries.  However, these injuries largely go underreported, skewing the effects of any type of statistical analysis that could be made.  Earning a Masters in Health Administration allows you to participate in this newly developed sector of occupational behavior as well as better understand the underreporting of occupational injuries.  Many workers do not report work-related injuries because of the fear of being fired or the fear of losing any rewards that may be offered to companies who pride themselves on a safety-conscious environment.  This in turn leads to further complications down the road, as health administrators have discovered and contributes to the unhealthy aspects of American society.  

Studies have indicated the contrary in the workplace, providing evidence that injuries have increased dramatically over the past decade.  However, they do not take into account the high margin of error that goes with the underreporting of injuries.  As a result, there could statistically be a higher amount of workplace injuries without the necessary reporting that should go along with that.  Many employers additionally do not report serious injuries to these agencies and opt instead to render simply first aid, rather than record an instance of a workplace injury (a factor which could decrease investment in a company or result in some loss of funding).  It is amazing that many employees and employers would rather cope with an injurious work environment than lose the investment of benefits or stocks, which could be lost anyway through a highly publicized lawsuit as the result of injury.

Health administration is a rising career choice for students interested in the health care industry without wanting to get too involved with the medical side of it all.  Statistical analysis is a major part of this career choice, as well as examining any workplace hazards which could be alleviated through proper precautions.  

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