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Maintain Your High School Metabolism in College

Do you feel like during high school you could eat anything with no effects on your body? Why, suddenly, do you find yourself gaining weight just by looking at pizza? For many of us, the change in lifestyle when we enter college and the natural course of aging slows our metabolism during the time we are in school. Our metabolism, though, can have huge effects on our mood, energy level and weight. Here are the best ways to maintain a high metabolism in college.

Eat Breakfast

Eat something as soon as possible after your wake up. This jump-starts your metabolism and gives your body fuel for the beginning of the day. Your metabolism slows down during sleep and is not activated again until you eat, so keep it in balance with breakfast every day.


Eat Balanced Meals and Snacks

Every meal should have protein (meats, eggs, and some beans), carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables and grains), and fats (cheeses, yogurts, olive oil, nuts and avocado). Meals should consist of a balance of all three categories. An example would be roasted chicken and a large salad with cheese and nuts. Snacks should have at least a combination of the two categories in order to be easily processed by the body. Examples are apples and cheese, berries and nuts or a yogurt and fruit smoothie. These options should all be available at your cafeteria.

Eat Every Three Hours

Stock up on healthy snacks at the grocery store, and make sure to eat at least a snack every three hours. If you don’t eat every three hours, your metabolism will begin to slow and the next meal you eat will more likely be stored as fat rather than fuel.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Sugar can be very confusing to the body’s metabolism functions. Without anything to balance them, carbohydrates give us an energy high followed by a crash, and the crash can slow metabolism. Cut out foods with processed flour, such as donuts and crackers, and foods with sugar as the main ingredient. Also, if you have a healthy carbohydrate, like fruit, balance it with a fat or protein so your body can more easily manage the sugar. Cutting out as much sugar as possible will also do amazing things for your skin and energy level.

Do Strength Training and Stay Active

When possible, walk to class. Do things outside that require some movement or take yoga to de-stress and get a workout. Also, instead of focusing on cardio with very little strength training, focus mainly on strength training with spurts of cardio on the side. Muscle burns fat and kicks up metabolism.

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