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Job Opportunities in Nursing

As the healthcare field continues to expand, so does the need for trained and qualified nurses. Nurses held the largest number of healthcare related employees in 2008, with about 2.6 million registered nurses in the field. Employment projections estimate that jobs for registered nurses will continue to rise at a quick rate, at a much faster rate than the average job. As a whole, nursing jobs are expected to rise by 22%, creating over 581,000 news jobs in the next several years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hospitals account for about 60% of all nursing jobs, and are expected to have the highest nurse increase in the coming years. There will also be plenty of need for nurses in home health services, nursing facilities, clinics, and medical and doctors’ offices. Additionally there will also be employment opportunities for nurses in government agencies, educational settings, and wellness services.

Job opportunities in nursing are expected to be excellent overall. This is largely due to the fast growing healthcare field. Nurses hitting close to retire, as well as a sometimes high turnover and burnout rate for nurses, can also be credited for the large employment spike that is expected in nursing in the next several years. To help cover the high turnover and burnout rates in nurses, many hospitals, clinics, and medical buildings offer signing bonuses, accommodating work schedules for nurses with families, and paid on the job training.

Nurses earned a median annual income of $65,130 in 2008, the most recent information available from the bureau. Nurses generally treat and care for patients, and educate the public on health, safety and wellness issues, but can also be responsible for a number of other tasks. Nurses can also specialize in certain patient ages, patient conditions, disease types, or in intensive care settings. Individuals interested in pursuing careers as nurses definitely have a wide variety of general or specialized options to follow to pursue jobs in nursing.

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