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Help for Sore Feet

Whether you work in retail, construction or healthcare, you likely spend a good deal of the day on your feet. While that can be a great way to keep yourself in shape and burn calories, it can also result in some pretty sore feet at the end of the day. If you’re looking for ways to prevent or manage foot soreness, there are many different options out there that can meet the budget and demands of just about any professional.

To keep your feet happy, start with the basics. Invest in a good pair of shoes that offer comfort and support for your feet. If you can’t afford to purcahse new shoes, gel inserts are also a good solution. The best way to avoid aching feet at the end of the day is to prevent them, so proper footwear is essential.

There are some things you can do on the job to help your tender tootsies as well. Take breaks every few hours and sit down with your feet elevated. This will help to take the pressure off of your feet and prevents swelling. If you have the time or privacy, you can massage your feet to help release some of the tension in them. One easy way is to roll your foot on top of a tennis ball. It’s a quick, transportable way to provide your feet with a treat.

When you get home, you can further care for your sore feet by soaking them in a water bath. This bath can be either warm or cold and sometimes it can be even more beneficial to alternate between the two. There are a wide variety of solutions sold at the drugstore that can provide additional relief in this manner.

In addition to soaking your feet, stretching them out your body can also help foot pain. While stretching the foot itself can be great, sometimes stretching your calf muscle can also help reduce foot pain, especially if you’ve been running around all day. If your feet still feel sore after this, consider trying out an over-the-counter foot ointment containing capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers that makes them hot.

Your feet are some of the hardest working parts of your body so treat them right. With some care and a little pampering, you can help keep your feet pain free and healthy, making it not only easier to do your job but more pleasurable as well.

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