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Heading Overseas for Surgery Can be a Solution for the Uninsured

The costs associated with even simple surgical procedures here in the United States can be astronomical and for those without health insurance or who are under-insured, they can be enough to spell debt, financial hardship and in some cases bankruptcy. Yet the same procedures are done in other countries around the world for much less, often with the same level of care and quality of doctors. In some cases, it can just make good financial sense to seek out medical care somewhere besides your home country.

Often, patients worry about the safety of having procedures done in another country. While there are sure to be some differences, overall, the quality of the medical professionals, facilities and operative care should be very similar. Unless you have an extremely rare or difficult to operate on condition, there should be few differences, other than perhaps cultural or linguistic ones, from care obtained at home.

If you do have some insurance coverage, it likely won’t extend to these foreign institutions, but you may not need it. In some cases, care can be as much as one twentieth the cost back home. While it may not be cheap, most of these procedures are something which you can pay off within a matter of years, rather than saddling you with debt for a lifetime. This can be an especially attractive option for those who want to get cosmetic surgery or another elective procedure which is not covered by insurance.

There are a wide range of options of countries to which those seeking out medical care can travel. Some of the most popular include South Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, Poland and the Philippines. These destinations can not only provide you with reasonably priced medical care but can also make for an excellent place to recover and rest after your procedure. You’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the scenery and maybe see a few sites while you’re there, combining something you need to do with someone you’ve always wanted to do.

There are some drawbacks to medical tourism, but for some who feel that they’re at the end of their financial rope or who want to save money on medical and dental procedures, there can be a lot of benefits as well. With medical costs skyrocketing, millions out of work and without coverage, this form of travel may become an option that many will seriously consider.

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