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Campus Safety: It Starts With You

Nowadays, safety on college campuses is a top priority of school administrators, faculty, and students. Every campus has its own special procedures to handle any emergency, and schools do their best to make sure to keep their communities safe from all kinds of danger.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for danger on your own. There are a few things you should do when you first get to campus to make sure you and your valuables are safe.

First, make sure you understand and have signed up for the university’s emergency communication system. Most universities will have a system in place that will automatically text updates regarding any emergency on campus, from weather emergencies to security breaches and gunmen on campus. Be sure you have signed up for this system in order to get live updates.

Second, you should be aware of your surroundings at all times of day. For example, know your route to and from your car or dorm. At night, make sure it’s well lit or ask for a security escort. Know which buildings are locked and which ones are open if you need to get inside quickly. Also know where the nearest emergency campus police phone is in case your cell phone dies.

Third, always keep your valuables with you and, if you’re in a risky area, hidden. Don’t leave your laptop unattended in the library, even if you think it’s okay and the people around you won’t bother it. Keep your iPhone to yourself if you’re walking out to your car and it’s late. The important thing here is you don’t want to tempt potential thieves. You want to make yourself seem like a worthless target, so that way they’ll move on and leave you alone.

Finally, protect yourself from violence by carrying a can of pepper spray and always being aware of whom you’re interacting with. This means controlling yourself at parties, always holding your drink in your hand, and being sure of yourself, especially when you’re walking around campus at night. If you can start with protecting yourself first, then you probably can help create safer environment for everyone else on campus as well.

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