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Best Nap on Campus

If you are one of the many tired college students just looking for a nice nap, here is some information that might help get you well rested. Assuming the problem is that your dorm room does not provide you with enough silence needed for you to fall into a deep trance, there is another place on campus where you can find relief. This building is full of nothing but soft whispers and gentle typing.

No matter which school you go to, the library is always quiet. It is the one place where your troubles can drift away. The key to sleeping in the library is finding a corner or that special desk where you will not be disturbed. Your temporary bed needs to be in a location that does not throw you in the spotlight. Drawing attention, while passing out in the library is not the goal. Your perfect set up would include a comfortable chair, desk with blinders, and a fully charged iPod playing sounds of the ocean on repeat.

Lean back in the chair or hunch over on the table, and clothes your eyes. Be sure to be wearing a slip-on style shoe – taking your shoes off allows you to wiggle your toes free. Just be sure to keep those feet warm with a nice pair of socks. If anyone catches a glimpse of your bare feet rubbing against school property, it may cut your stay short. To the untrained eye, it should appear as if you are attempting to study. This is an easy image to display, even something as simple as resting your head on an open book can get the job done. Understand that hanging out in the library empty-handed is not going to fool anyone.

If at all possible try and sit near a friend. This can be beneficial in case of unexpected snoring. Snoring leads to a guaranteed ban from any further naps in the sacred land that is the library. While he or she is actually studying, a friend can serve as a look-out. In the event that a guard is walking around, a simple kick to the shin can momentarily knock you out of the trance that is frowned upon. Just remember not to get too upset when your nap is interrupted, you should feel fortunate that you are getting any sleep at all. If you are lucky enough to go an entire stay uninterrupted, you should be woken up by an alarm that was set up on your cellphone before you feel asleep. The vibrating cellphone in your pocket should slowly take you out of your deep trance. After only a few short hours, you should feel like a new student. You’re welcome.

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