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Alcohol Related Crimes

Whether parents like to acknowledge it or not, drinking in college happens frequently. It doesn’t matter if the student is the legal drinking age or not, college kids will find a way around it if they are determined enough. While consuming alcohol in college may seem like the norm to most students, it’s important that you know that drinking irresponsibly and illegally can result in huge fines and jail time. Continue reading below to learn about all the typical drinking crimes most college students are punished for.

The most common crime is Minor in Possession. Under this title, anyone who is caught drinking, appears to be under the influence, or merely has an empty bottle in their hand and is under the legal drinking age of 21 is committing a crime. It is misdemeanor offense, punishable up to a $500 fine. Typically only in severe situations are students taken to jail. And depending on which state you live in, your driver’s license can be suspended up to a year. But if you have not committed any previous crimes and have a clean record, your fines could be cleared if you participate in an alcohol education course or finish a number of community service hours.

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor is also a very common drinking crime in college. To put it simply, if you are the legal drinking age but give a minor alcohol—either by directly purchasing it for them or just giving them access to it at party you are hosting—you can be convicted of a crime. This is also a misdemeanor, but is punishable up to a $4,000 fine, depending on which state you live in. In the most severe cases, those convicted of this crime can spend up to one year in jail.

Another drinking crime is Public intoxication. No matter if you are the legal drinking age or not, if it appears that you may be at risk of injuring yourself or if you may be at risk of injuring those around you (or simply appear to be a nuance in a public setting) you are committing a crime. While this is a misdemeanor crime, police officers typically will just escort you home or to a hospital. But depending on your disruptive behavior, a police officer can take you to jail.

Lastly, and by far arguably the most dangerous drinking crime, is Driving While Intoxicated. This crime varies depending on severity—meaning if you happen to injure or kill anyone due to you ill judgment be expected for severe consequences. But if you are the only one involved, you can expect anywhere up to $4,000 fine, up to a year in jail, will have to participate in community service, and will get your driver’s license revoked for an extended period of time.

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