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50 Inspiring Personal Trainers On Twitter

You don’t need a master’s in healthcare to know that eating right and getting fit can help you live a longer and healthier life. Yet what you might not know is the best way to go about doing this. That’s where the expertise and advice of a personal trainer can be a big help. Whether you’re already working with a trainer or are preparing to set up a fitness plan on your own, you can benefit from the advice of numerous trainers on the web through these great Twitter feeds. Check them out for tips on eating well, working out, and everything to do with being healthy.


These feeds are great places to start looking for inspiration and advice from personal trainers on Twitter. With tweets on everything from whether or not to eat carbs to workout routines to follow, you’re sure to find what you need.

  1. @CoachKBS: This Beachbody coach and lover of everything P90X and pilates tweets link to longer blog posts full of great fitness ideas. Recommended tweet: "Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy Lifestyle: Overeating not only causes weight gain, even if you’re eating healthy …"
  2. @one80dotcom: Looking for some nutrition and training advice? Check out this feed for information you can use to get fit and feel good. Recommended tweet: "Want A Burger But You’re On A Diet? Have A Turkey Burger!"
  3. @daimanuel: Find tweets about staying positive, fitness events and much more from trainer Dai Manuel here. Recommended tweet: "Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. ~Francesca Reigler."
  4. @NickIrons: Author, personal trainer and athlete Nick offers insights that can help you eat smart and get into shape on this feed. Recommended tweet: "Warming up: the latest research into stretching"
  5. @AthleteCreator: This personal trainer transitioned from an electrical engineer into a gym owner, sharing tidbits about his progress along the way. Recommended tweet: "Fasting doesn’t seem worth it when bacon and toast with apple butter are calling me from the kitchen."
  6. @fitnesstrainer: You shouldn’t miss this feed from Jim O’Connor, exercise physiologist, author and publisher. It’s full of tweets that can help empower you to be more fit. Recommended tweet: "The third weight loss drug, Qnexa, is rejected by the FDA. Are you starting to see a pattern here?"
  7. @James_Colt: Read through this feed to get the latest news on health and fitness from a trainer, yoga teacher and BeachBody coach. Recommended tweet: "Get 7 free personal training videos from super trainer, TR Goodman:"
  8. @askatrainer: Got a burning fitness question? Ask it to this LA-based trainer and get the answers you need. Recommended tweet: "Stop making excuses!! "I"m just too busy to exercise. I don"t have any time!" How many times have you said that?"
  9. @personal_train: Get advice on bulking up and building muscle through this trainer’s feed. Recommended tweet: "Hardgainer’s Guide To Muscle Building!"
  10. @jimmysmithtrain: This diet and fitness fanatic shares how he works out as well as some motivational tweets, on this feed. Recommended tweet: "OWN today. Get after it! You are where your thoughts have brought you. Thoughts are powerful things!"
  11. @daxmoy: One of the UK’s leading trainers, Dax offers up tips for fitness professionals and those who need a little help getting fit alike. Recommended tweet: "The average women has tried to lose weight AT LEAST 10 times during their life…"
  12. @coreperformance: Check out this feed for some great fitness and nutrition plans from professional trainers that you can use to get in shape. Recommended tweet: "Should you fill your pockets with mustard packets on race day?"
  13. @TerryTheTrainer: This grad student is studying health and fitness and working as a trainer, posting about everything from his workouts to what he’s learning about health. Recommended tweet: "Just RT’ed a helpful tip for females looking to firm/lift glutes. Take notes ladies! Leg press is a very practical way to achieve this goal."
  14. @acemorganfit: Visit Ace’s feed for tips to help improve the quality and results from your workout. Recommended tweet: "take a walk if you can not get to the gym or a run never under estimate a walk if it is a brisk one you can burn up to 8 calories a min."

Famous and Celebrity Trainers

These feeds are from big names in training you’re bound to recognize.

  1. @JillianMichaels: Wish Jillian was your own personal trainer? While you might not be able to get the real deal, you can learn from this Biggest Loser trainer through her feed. Recommended tweet: "Time for a challenge: This week you must cook 1 new healthy recipe for dinner, do one thing that scares you, and…"
  2. @TonyHorton: Fans of the popular P90X series will love hearing what trainer Tony Horton has to say about getting and staying fit. Recommended tweet: "I only eat veggies, fruit, legumes, gluten free pasta and breads, free range chicken, salmon (wild only) and…"
  3. @MyTrainerBob: Seen on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper shares tweets about his life and ways you can get fit like the contestants on the show on this feed. Recommended tweet: "So you want protein? Here’s a list of 18 GREAT sources of protein!!!"
  4. @CharlesPoliquin: As one of the world’s most highly regarded strength coaches, you’ll want to read this feed for tips on getting totally ripped from Charles Poliquin. Recommended tweet: "Sleep is under rated as the main to regenerate tissues and improve body…"
  5. @CharlesGlass: Charles Glass isn’t just a super fit guy himself– he’s worked with celebrities and athletes for over 20 years and is a great source of information. Recommended tweet: "Check this video out — Dexter "The Blade" Jackson on Heavy Decline at Golds in Venice"
  6. @craigballantyne: Trainer Craig will teach you how to get fit and lose weight without doing loads of cardio, something he explains further through tweets on this feed. Recommended tweet: "’Fatigue & soreness are not indicators of progress.’ Alwyn Cosgrove"
  7. @bestlifediet: Wanna get fit like Oprah? Check out her trainer Bob Greene’s feed for ideas on how to work out and eat healthy foods. Recommended tweet: "Thinking about starting a diet? Check out today’s blog to find out what to look for in a healthy weight loss plan."
  8. @Gunnar: This Beverly Hills-based trainer has helped celebrities and athletes of all kinds get into shape and has been featured in numerous publications as a fitness expert. Recommended tweet: "Jump On This-Do jumprope til you miss,THEN,do 10 split lunges per side,15db squat-curl-overhead press,20 bicycles,start over w/jmprope-AllX6"
  9. @TheBillyBlanks: Learn what Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks has to say about getting fit in this feed. Recommended tweet: "The person who thinks about doing something, is usually passed by someone doing it!"


Check out these feeds for fitness advice from trainers around the world.

  1. @TEAMJDPT: James Daly, a British health nut and personal trainer, offers up tweets about weight loss, health and treating your body right. Recommended tweet: "Let’s not confuse weight loss with health. You can lose weight having 2 cans of coke a day…but it isn’t healthy. A big difference."
  2. @fitnessexperts: Through this London-based Twitter feed, you can read all about topics like fat loss, muscle imbalances and other fitness issues. Recommended tweet: "Expert Update: Fitness trends for 2011:"
  3. @trainerfareham: On this feed, you’ll find personal trainer and weight loss specialist Barbra Light and tons of fitness tips. Recommended tweet: "had a great run this morning to keep fit! you could do the same to help stay fit and healthy!"
  4. @charlotteord: This UK trainer was named Personal Trainer of the Year this year, so see what she has to say that can help you finally get fit. Recommended tweet: "Reading the Happiness Hypothesis at the moment. Fascinating multi-theory perspective of the science behind what makes us feel good."
  5. @TomForesight: This feed is full of great posts for both the average Joe looking to get in shape and personal trainers keeping up with industry news and trends. Recommended tweet: "What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition? – Hi All, As some of you may be aware, especially some of my personal traon…"
  6. @meetyourpt: You don’t have to be in Australia to appreciate the videos, articles and fitness information posted to this feed. Recommended tweet: "Thursday’s Motivational Quote – The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb but the better the view at the finishing line!"

Type Specific

These trainers focus on things like triathlons, pilates, mixed martial arts and fitness bootcamps as methods to get you in shape.

  1. @jimvance: If you’d like to make cycling a part of your fitness routine, get advice and help from triathlete and coach Jim Vance. Recommended tweet: "Did you know if you use, you can find great workout libraries in the Exercise Libraries store? Look for my workouts there!"
  2. @pilatesbodynyc: Think you’re too old to get into pilates? This trainer focuses on fitness for the 50+ set. Recommended tweet: "Never accept criticism or negativity from anyone ( including yourself)"
  3. @profitness1: Personal trainer and professional MMA fighter Derek Thornton offers his advice on getting in shape with MMA and other group fitness options. Recommended tweet: "If you have the energy to workout while sick do it!! make sure to hit the sauna or steamroom to further help get rid of toxins (2cents)"
  4. @fitpro1: Learn more about what bootcamp retreats and classes can do to get you in shape from trainer Georgette Pann. Recommended tweet: "Fitness Bootcamp Workouts-"

Female Trainers

Whether you’re looking for female specific fitness advice or just want the help of a female trainer, these feeds are a great place to find it.

  1. @Fitness4Her: Certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist Karen Ficarelli offers tips and tweets to motivate and inspire women to get fit. Recommended tweet: "A good rule is that during the exercise program, your muscles should feel challenged but not struggling."
  2. @livinthefitlife: This mom and trainer shows that you don’t have to give up being fit to take care of your family, showing you how to eat right and get ripped. Recommended tweet: "You might be over processed if…all the snacks in your cupboards are "100 calorie" bite size bull $%#@. Clean snacks are fruits & veggies"
  3. @trainergirl2: Margie Mack posts to this feed about getting fit and eating right, but followers are welcome to ask and get answers and support to their own fitness problems. Recommended tweet: "When I asked him about his diet he said " I eat what I want!" GASP!!! I’m scheduling consult right now!!!"
  4. @StepItUpwSteph: Stephanie Mansour can help you not only get more fit but feel more confident about your body as well. Check out her feed for female-friendly fitness tips. Recommended tweet: "I did some stretches in bed this morning before getting up, and felt great! Did anyone else…?! Happy Fri!"
  5. @vjintl: Victoria, a celebrity personal trainer and life coach, posts here about having more success with workouts, learning about what you eat and a whole lot more. Recommended tweet: "Working out with high reps and moderate weight. Lots of dance motions and technique for elongating muscles while shaping & sculpting!"
  6. @IAOFitness: Here you’ll find personal trainer and motivational speaker Amy Barnes, helping you get inspired in your own fitness journey. Recommended tweet: "Cardio sucks…but being 490lbs sucked worse…so I gotta get it in! I feel great!"
  7. @Kriscrossway: This feed from personal trainer Kris Crossway is full of helpful fitness facts. Don’t see what you need to know? Send her a tweet for help. Recommended tweet: "Running during pregnancy? I ran during both of my pregnancies and I think that there are many benefits but there…"
  8. @deroby: Debra Roby is a NASM certified personal trainer helping women and men alike learn more about strength training. Recommended tweet: "Making my post-workout shake: 1C water, chopped spinach, 1/2C dark cherries and blueberries plus scoop @Team_Optimum 100% Whey."
  9. @FitHappensWAmy: Find Fat2Fit diet tips and Flab2Fab exercise tips, among other things, from this Delaware-based trainer on this feed. Recommended tweet: "Fall down 7 times, get up 8!"

Weight Loss

Many people seek out a personal trainer when they’re looking to lose weight. These trainers focus on those kinds of goals, providing information to their Twitter followers as well.

  1. @Fitness_PT: If you’re looking to lose weight through more exercise and strength training, you’ll get tons of pointers here. Recommended tweet: "Easy And Effective Ways Of Dealing With Muscle Soreness –"
  2. @BetterFitBody: Janessa is a trainer and nutritionist who will help you whip yourself into shape in no time. Recommended tweet: "Counterproductive Motivation:"
  3. @davesoucy: Think you can’t transform your body from fat to fit? Coach and trainer Dave Soucy can show you otherwise. Recommended tweet: "Quick meathead wkout: inc. db chest press, sandbag squats, db shldr press, 1Arm row, shrugs, wheel. Now off to a meeting."
  4. @StephenCooper: Check out this feed for a more minimalist approach to fitness and weight loss. Recommended tweet: "Is Your Trainer Certified?"
  5. @ShariFitness: Radio host and fitness professional Shari offers up tips on everything from making it through the holidays without putting on weight to breaking old eating habits. Recommended tweet: "Why "Dieting" CAN’T Work"
  6. @FatLossKandQ: Rob Smith can help you lose weight and get in shape the right way with this feed offering inspirational messages and fitness basics. Recommended tweet: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
  7. @The_BL_Club: Love The Biggest Loser? You can use some of the same diet and fitness methods as the contestants on the show, simply read through this feed. Recommended tweet: "At night, eat lean and green says Bob. ‘You want your lower calorie meal at night.’"
  8. @TimBonds: You’ll get inspiring tweets from this personal trainer and weight loss expert here. Recommended tweet: "Terrific Post Natal Yoga Exercise for Weight Loss and Toning"

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