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50 Best Blogs for South Beach Dieters

For many, cutting down on the number of carbs they eat is a way to shed pounds and get in great shape. One of the most famous of the low-carb diets is the South Beach Diet, helping followers get the beach body they always dreamed of having. Whether you’re following the South Beach diet plan for health or to trim your waistline– or both– you’ll find help, guidance and information that can assist you in making the most of your low-carb diet and fitness regimens.

General Low-Carb

These blogs are full of low-carb diet advice, no matter which type of diet you’re following.

  1. Carbwire: This site is a one-stop shop for your low-carb news, reviews and recipes that can help keep you on track and feeling good. Recommended Posts: "Coca-Cola C2 coming this summer" and "Protect Against Heart Disease With New 4-Step South Beach Plan."
  2. Low Carb If you don’t want to look at all the low-carb blogs out there individually, consider this aggregator site with posts from the top low-carb blogs in one place. Recommended Posts: "It’s a Recipe Two-fer!" and "You Bet Your Life: An Epilogue to the Cholesterol Story."
  3. Low Carb Diets: Through this site you’ll be able to learn the basics of low-carb diets and maybe even find a few tasty recipes to try out. Recommended Posts: "Fructose: Sweet, But Dangerous" and "South Beach Diet Information."
  4. Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: Jimmy Moore posts here, one of the most popular low-carb sites on the web, about weight loss, eating right and the latest nutritional news. Recommended Posts: "‘The Nourished Kitchen: Blogger Jenny McGruther Presents Her 12-Week E-Course ‘How To Cook Real Food’" and "Are There Healthy, Naturally Occurring Trans Fats Found In Meat? YES!"
  5. Secrets of a Low Carb Diet: If you haven’t read the Secrets of a Low Carb Diet book, you can get insights into what it contains through the posts on this blog. Recommended Posts: "Taking Food The Right Way To Encourage Fat Reduction When Exercising" and "Get Cracking For Your Wedding Day."
  6. Lovin’ It Low Carb: Get advice on how to change your lifestyle and eating habits to fit a low-carb goal from this blog. Recommended Posts: "There Were No Fat Cavemen" and "Weight-loss drug under fire from FDA."
  7. Low Carb Age: This blog shows why low-carb rather than low-fat is the way to lose weight and get healthy. Recommended Posts: "Obesity, Protein and Satiety" and "Free Paleo e-Book."
  8. That Health Rules: Dr. Gerry H. Tan posts health facts and information that will help you live a longer and healthier life on this blog– including insights into the latest low-carb diet research. Recommended Posts: "Low Carb Diet and Diabetes: A Better Partner?" and "Diet Sodas and Your Kidneys– BEWARE!"
  9. The Spark of Reason: This blogger posts about a range of health-related topics, but most posts focus on why eating more meat and less wheat is a diet that works. Recommended Posts: "Energy Regulation: Do Calories Count?" and "The Children of the Wheat."
  10. Fat Head: This blog for the movie Fat Head may not only motivate you to see the film, but provides some insights into the many food myths that are out there. Recommended Posts: "A Scientist Calls Out The Bad Scientists" and "The Dietary Guidelines Committee Receives The Spanking It Deserves."

South Beach Specific

Get advice and recipes catering to the South Beach diet on these blogs.

  1. Kalyn’s Kitchen: If you need a South Beach-friendly recipe, this place is the ultimate source of delicious and nutritious meal ideas. Recommended Posts: "Recipe for Mujadarra (Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice with Caramelized Onions)" and "Ten Grilling Recipe Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend Grilling!"
  2. Dietivity: Learn how to lose weight using the South Beach Diet with help from this blog. Recommended Posts: "How to Stop Food Cravings: 7 Tips" and "Gluten Free Pasta: No Carb Pasta Recipe."
  3. CookEatShare South Beach Diet Recipes: Find hundreds of South Beach-approved recipes on this site that can help you eat well while sticking to your diet, no matter what phase you’re in. Recommended Posts: "Happy New Index of all the South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Featured on Kalyn’s Kitchen!" and "Recipe for South Beach Diet Friendly Chicken Nuggets with Almond Meal."
  4. South Beach Recipes: From main dishes to desserts, this blog has it covered when it comes to serving up great low-carb recipes. Recommended Posts: "Cheddar Stuffed Burgers" and "Smoked Salmon Wheels."

Other Low-Carb Diets

Compare and contrast the recommendations for couple of low-carb diets by looking at these blogs.

  1. Free the Animal: Learn why eating like a caveman (or woman) may help you increase your health and vitality from this blog about the primal diet. Recommended Posts: "Meat ‘Crust’ Pizza; It’s Meatza!" and "Dr. Robert Lustig on Fructose: ‘Alcohol without the buzz’."
  2. Mark’s Daily Apple: This blog is one of the most popular sites on the primal living diet, maintained by the author of The Primal Blueprint book. Recommended Posts: "Why Grains Are Unhealthy" and "The Definitive Guide to Sugar."
  3. Nutritionist’s Blog: You can learn about the health and nutrition challenges faced by those on the Atkin’s diet through this blog. Recommended Posts: "The Breakfast Club" and "The Meat of the Matter."
  4. Primal 30 Day Challenge: Thinking that South Beach isn’t low-carb enough? Try out this 30-day challenge instead. Recommended Posts: "The End Of Overeating by Dr Kessler" and "The Challenge."
  5. Robb Wolf: This blog will show you how to eat the paleo way, taking in foods the way our ancient ancestors did. Recommended Posts: "TRF: Home Cooking! Butternut Squash ala Pressure Cooker!" and "How to Jump the Shark with Fish oil and Moderation."
  6. Son of Grok: Learn how workouts, meals and more work with this blog from a follower of the Primal diet. Recommended Posts: "Caveman Custard" and "(Almost) Primal Poppers."
  7. Living Atkin’s Everyday: If you’d like to compare and contrast Atkin’s with South Beach, this blog can be a great place to find information. Recommended Posts: "Life in Maintenance" and "Veggie dishes."

Weight Loss

If you’re following the South Beach Diet to lose weight, get some inspiration from these bloggers who shed pounds and got in shape through low-carb eating.

  1. PastaQueen: See how this woman lost several sizes and got in the best shape of her life all by eating fewer carbs and working out. Recommended Posts: "The skin I’m in" and "Recipe: Oatmeal Expresso."
  2. DietBlog: Learn all about the South Beach diet, as well as other low-carb alternatives, in this blog. Recommended Posts: "South Beach Diet Investigated" and "Ideas for South Beach Diet Friendly Snacks?"
  3. Mike Roussell: This trainer shows you how a high protein diet and the right workouts can whip your body into shape. Recommended Posts: "Whey Protein Isolate vs. Whey Protein Concentrate" and "How To Lose Body Fat Without Losing Muscle."
  4. The Bionic Broad’s Low-Carb Blog: You’ll find reviews, news and personal insights into low-carb dieting on this blog. Recommended Posts: "Sugar Sheep" and "The American Way."
  5. Slow Burn Fitness: Learn how to get in shape the low-carb way through this fitness blog. Recommended Posts: "Are you eating enough protein?" and "My Plea to Michelle Obama."
  6. Sweat.: Read this blog to learn about their six-week challenge, how to follow the primal diet and get in shape just like blogger Dan Merk. Recommended Posts: "What does Primal look like?" and "Why Carbohydrates Can Be Bad."


Find loads of delicious low-carb recipes that will fit into your South Beach Diet plan on these blogs.

  1. Low Carb Diet Junkie: Learn what you should be eating and some recipes that make it easier to do so from this blog. Recommended Posts: "Total Body Isolation, LOL" and "Some Low Carb Tips and Yummy Bits."
  2. Low Carb Food: This blog will help you find the best low-carb foods out there and provides some great videos that show you how to prepare them. Recommended Posts: "Low Carb Recipe: Low Carb Chocolate Mousse Recipe" and "Low Carb Recipe :Low Carb Beef Curry Recipe."
  3. The Divine Lowcarb: Blogger PJ shares a wide range of anti-carb recipes on this blog. Recommended Posts: "The Kid and Low-Carb" and "MexiChickenMix (quick micro)."
  4. All Day I Dream About Food: Not all the recipes on this blog are low-carb, but you’re sure to find a few that get you salivating and dreaming about food, too. Recommended Posts: "Spicy Chipotle Pecan Brittle (Low carb)" and "Cranberry Apple Crisp (Low Carb and Gluten Free)."
  5. Low Carb: From cheese sticks to main courses, this blog has a wide range of recipes on it to suit your low-carb needs. Recommended Posts: "Low carb creamy mushroom chicken" and "Low carb lemon butter spinach."
  6. Low Carb Confidential: Check out this blog for tips on losing weight, recipes that will fit into your South Beach Diet and much more. Recommended Posts: "Baby Broccoli Salad" and "Italian Eggplant Stew."
  7. Your Lighter Side: Learn how to cook and entertain using low-carb dishes with a little help from this blog. Recommended Posts: "Low-carb pizza dough (cauliflower)" and "Beef jerky recipes."
  8. This Mama Cooks! On a Diet: Find low-cal and low-carb recipes on this excellent diet eating site. Recommended Posts: "Top Chef Masters: Jody Adam’s Pistachio-Celery Pesto" and "Healthy summer grilling: meat portion sizes and Grilled Marinated Pineapple Pork Chop with Mashed Sweet Potatoes."

Health and Nutrition Experts

These blogs offer up advice and information on low-carb eating from doctors, nurses and nutritionists.

  1. Dr. Mary Dan Eades: Dr. Eades offers up some recipes, suggestions and commentary on what to eat to stay within low-carb guidelines. Recommended Posts: "Low-Carb Strawberry Mojito" and "Vichyssoise, Low Carb Style."
  2. The Heart Scan Blog: This blog is focused on heart health, and Dr. William Davis shows you how to tailor your nutrition to have the healthiest heart possible while reducing the number of carbs you take in. Recommended Posts: "Oatmeal: Good or Bad?" and "Diabetes from Fruit."
  3. Hold the Toast!: Author and nutrition expert Dana Carpender shares her expertise on de-carbing and eating right on this blog. Recommended Posts: "Ingredients In My Low Carb Recipes" and "Cooking Low Carb: Asparagus Salad with Lemon Basil Mayonnaise."
  4. Whole Health Source: Stephan Guyenet, a doctor of neurobiology, shares his strategies for maintaining brain and body health through ancestral nutrition. Recommended Posts: "Butter vs. Margarine Showdown" and "A New Way to Soak Brown Rice."
  5. Dr Briffa: This blog is home to a great deal of helpful general health information and news but also caters to those who are on a low-carb diet as well. Recommended Posts: "Evidence supports the incorporation of nuts in the diet" and "Fructose found to rapidly raise blood pressure and induce metabolic syndrome in men."
  6. Dr. Jonny Bowden: Author, speaker and nutritionist Bowden shares recipes, nutrition information and tips on cutting back on those unhelpful carbs on this blog. Recommended Posts: "More Longevity Secrets Revealed!" and "Top 10 Ways to Cut Back on Sugar."
  7. Carb Essentials: You’ll find numerous helpful articles on this site all about eating right the low-carb way from Ray Powell MD. Recommended Posts: "The Low Sodium Controversy" and "Metabolic Syndrome."
  8. Healthy Fellow: Get natural health advice and criticism from health expert JP on this site. Recommended Posts: "Raw Food Diet Revolution" and "Soy Guide for Men."
  9. Controlled Carbohydrate Nutrition: Nurse Jacqueline Eberstein offers up her point of view on eating fewer carbs on this blog. Recommended Posts: "More Science and Less Zealotry, Please." and "Weight Loss with a Low-Carbohydrate, Mediterranean, or Low- Fat Diet: Diet Face-off in the New England Journal of Medicine."
  10. Anthony Colpo: Visit this blog to learn how to get in shape, eat better and stick to your diet, whatever it may be, from researcher, physical conditioning specialist, and really buff dude Anthony Colpo. Recommended Posts: "Being a Health ‘Expert’ is a Health Hazard" and "Saturated Fat Is Not Associated With Cardiovascular Disease."
  11. Hannah Sutter: The founded of the weight loss site Go Lower shares tips and ideas on how to cut your calories and go for a ketosis diet here. Recommended Posts: "Let’s hear it for meat" and "Surgery controversies."


If you’re not eating carbs, you must be eating something else to replace it. These blogs will educate you on the power of protein to fuel your body.

  1. Tender Grassfed Meat: Learn why eating grassfed meat can be better for your health and the health of the cows. Recommended Posts: "Steak and French Fries–Still My Favorite Meal" and "Frugal and Delicious: Traditional Ways to Stretch Grassfed Meat."
  2. Hyperlipid: This blog will educate you on the importance of fats in the body. Recommended Posts: "Butter, Insulin and Dr. Davis" and "Kwasniewski; Praise the Lard."
  3. Protein Power: Dr. Michael R. Eades offers up his take on the low-carb, high-protein diet on this highly informative blog that can help you see the science behind South Beach. Recommended Posts: "Meat and mortality" and "Carbohydrates are addictive."
  4. Animal Pharm: This blog looks at the benefits of eating low-carb, high-fat diets from a pharmacology standpoint. Recommended Posts: "Benefits of High Saturated Fat Diets" and "Physciologic Actions and Benefits of Vitamin D: Cardiovascular."

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