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Why Choose an MHA Program?

Graduate school is a difficult part of higher education: you have to perform well on the entrance exam, compose a personal statement, complete the application, and then hope that your undergraduate GPA was up to par with the school’s criteria.  However, once you are past this primary part of the process, you are left to decide not only where you want to get your further degree, but what type of degree you want to pursue.  While most students have decided this before taking the GRE or GMAT, there are still some students who are struggling between two or three graduate level degrees, especially if they are in the same industry.  A Masters in Healthcare Administration is closely related to many health industry degrees, which can sometimes make it difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Many MHA students are fascinated with the underpinnings of the medical community but do not wish to be a surgeon, general practitioner, or even a nurse.  Therefore, there has recently been a shift within the medical community to allow for degrees in the areas that are closely related, such as public health and healthcare administration.  An MHA program caters mainly to students who are already working within the health care industry and want to move up in their career.  Many of these students are the managers or administrators running various medical centers and want to advance up to an executive level of management.  While these are the typical MHA students, there are also doctors who wish to become certified within the organizational structure of their center, or recent college graduates who want to enter the healthcare field as managers.  Therefore, MHA programs feature a wide variety of students seeking to pursue a different variety of work with their degrees.

Healthcare has quickly become the largest non-government sector of the United States economy, providing recent graduates with one of the only career options in this type of economy.  As a result, more students are opting to delve into the medical field, many who cannot stand the sight of blood!  Many MHA programs instill on their students the knowledge they need to enter into the health industry without taking someone’s life into their hands.  With documents and records becoming stored in electronic databases, most medical centers have required older managers and administrators to enroll in similar programs in order to gain a more technical background regarding medical records.  MHA programs are also offered within many online universities, making the process much easier for those employees who are simply wishing to move up within the managerial chain of command.  Many MHA programs allow students to attain a degree within 2 years for full-time and 4 years part-time.  Depending on your schedule within your career, you can earn a new degree simply by logging onto your computer, which will lead to a new career path in no time!

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