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What to do With a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education

Health and fitness have become a major focus in today’s world, in which millions of Americans are affected by obesity, and health and wellness issues. Physical education and exercise is not only becoming routine focus in health centers and through medical advice, but is also becoming part of the education system and what is being taught in today’s lessons and curriculums. As we see a greater need for physical education in young children, more physical education courses and classes are being offered in a variety of different levels and means in U.S. schools, and colleges and universities.

A degree in physical education can be beneficial as the need for physical education teachers, professors, and trainers will continue to increase. Physical education teachers are generally teachers in the public or private sector of schools which use and encourage physical activity. Gym teachers are hired in schools to promote health and active lifestyles for their students. This can be done through instruction and games. Most times a gym or physical education teacher explains how certain sports of activities are carried out then allows students to demonstrate them. According to Payscale, physical education teachers earn annual salary ranges of between $33,600 and $50,912.

Physical trainers are also an option for students that have a physical eduction degree. A personal trainer evaluates, advises and helps treat athletes to avoid injuring, assist them in recovering from injuries, and helping them to maintain proper exercise and fitness techniques. Many times physical trainers help show athletes the extent of their abilities as to not push themselves to work so hard to injure themselves. Additionally, they help in rehabilitation efforts and any advice about physical education that people may need. Physical trainers earn annual salary ranges between $25,872 and $57,476.

Physical education degree holders can also pursue careers as nutritionists. They work with people regarding their nutritional needs and what patients and clients can do to live healthy lifestyles. This may include the food that they eat and do not eat, and how physical exercise can combine to help promote healthy lifestyles. The concepts and skills that students learn in physical education courses have plenty to do with nutrients and well balanced meals, which make it an ideal opportunity for nutritionists. Nutritionists earn annual salary ranges of between $30,211 and $41,751.


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