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The Role of a Pharmacist

The pharmaceutical field is a large part of the healthcare industry. Pharmacists are mainly responsible for distributing prescription medications to individuals that have been prescribed medication. A pharmacist is responsible for many other work aspects aside from distributing medications to people. In addition, those interested in jobs as pharmacists should have excellent job opportunities, as the field is expected to grow rapidly in the next several years.

Aside from distributing prescription medication, pharmacists are also responsible for compounding medication, which is the actual mixing of the ingredients to form medications. In today’s market, in which pharmaceutical companies are producing and issuing medications in standard dosages, the compounding practice has become a smaller and less common role of pharmacists. They also advise patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals on side effects, dosage information, and the importance of not mixing medications that could be lethal, when taken together.

Many pharmacists work in retail drugstores, healthcare facilities, or hospitals. They inform patients of the importance of explaining to medical professionals what type of medications they are currently taking, and advise patients of eating habits while on certain medications, as well as provide information for the medications they prescribe. Pharmacists may also be specialized to perform vaccines or help patients with conditions including asthma or high blood pressure by providing special services. Some may also specialize in certain drug therapies such as those for cancer patients, geriatric patients, or psychiatric patients.

Most pharmacists spend long hours on their feet and may need to wear protective gloves and masks when working with sterile or dangerous pharmaceutical products. Pharmacists should have a strong desire to help others and pay close attention to detail, as the medications they prescribe can affect humans lives. Additionally, pharmacists must be state licensed and must have completed and earned a degree from an accredited pharmacy school, as well as successfully passed several examinations.

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