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The Importance of Pediatricians

Pediatricians play an important part in the healthcare field, as well as the health and wellness of children. Medical testing and treatment methods for young children and teens differ greatly from those used for adults, which brings the need for different types of doctors. Pediatricians provide care from birth to early adulthood and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of illnesses, disorders, or ailments that occur specifically in infants, children, and teenagers. Pediatricians typically track and record their patients’ medical records, histories, and growth until they are about 18 years of age.

Pediatricians are medic al doctors that work with other health care workers, nurses, and other physicians to diagnosis and treat children with various ailments, from common colds or earaches to disorders, such as muscular dystrophy. While some pediatricians may specialize in serious medical conditions in children or pediatric surgery, most act as general practitioners. They most commonly treat common illnesses, chronic infections, and diseases in young children.

While pediatricians commonly treat children that are already sick, one of the most important duties of a pediatrician is to educate and guide parents on the importance of diet, healthy physical and mental exercise, hygiene, and regular check-ups of children. Pediatricians monitor physical and mental growth development, perform routine evaluations, and dictate immunizations and vaccines to prevent illnesses, disorders, or even death. In addition, they keep all examinations, tests, treatments, outcomes and medications on file in patient folders for evaluation or future use.

Pediatricians earned median annual salaries of $152,240, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pediatricians require a lot of patience and love for kids, aside from many years dedicated to school. They must complete a bachelor degree and medical school, followed by an internship and residency requirements, which usually takes a total of about 11 years from the graduation of high school.

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