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Possible Futures with a Masters in Health Administration

Most students who enroll in MHA programs have an idea what they want their future to look like.  Many have had experience in the health care industry, while others have had experience with the financial sector of health care.  Regardless of their reasons for earning their degree, it is clear that in this economy, an MHA degree is an important part regarding the future of health care.  The recent passing of the health care bill has revealed more than ever that as a nation we are at constant odds with each other over what needs to be done in health care, although earning an MHA helps students to realize how the business side and patient care side of health care intertwine with each other. 

Because most students enter MHA programs with a strong business or finance background, many of them intend to become financial leaders of major hospitals or clinics.  While this may not seem like a conventional career path, it is one which is not realized by a majority of the population.  Hospitals are businesses, the same as law firms or retail stores, and require a skilled finance expert who is knowledgeable in both finance and health care.  MHA programs help students achieve the right balance between business and patient care in order to become a viable asset to the health care industry. 

Other students enter the program with a goal of becoming an administrator in a clinic or hospital after several years as a nurse or doctor.  These individuals enjoy both the health care aspect of the job as well as administrative work, an unlikely combination to say the least.  Each hospital and clinic has their own hierarchy of workers, stemming from the managerial nurses to the health care analysts of the hospital.  The higher up in the administration you are, the higher your salary will be, a welcome incentive for many students.

Even more students have goals of working in medical schools or in large corporations as a consultant or director of financial services.  Combining the two realms of business and health care yields many possible futures within the two industries, and many students are well versed in their possible career futures. Most enroll in programs with a job already lined up or a future goal in mind.  Because this program typically caters to older students, most have had real-world experience in health care and are able to better apply their skills to the degree program, moreso than typical graduate students fresh out of college are able to. 


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