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Personal Hygiene Tips for Cubicle Dwellers

You might hate your office space more than your actual job, but it still deserves a little respect, as do your co-workers and cubicle mates. Even if you think your desk area isn’t any nicer than a garbage dump, you can’t leave rotting apple cores and piles of shredded paper all over the floor, or even your desk. It’s gross, it’s unhygienic, and it might even get you or your boss in trouble for violating health codes. We’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you wash your hands after using the restroom (please don’t prove us wrong), so we’re helping you be a little more aware of other personal hygiene and cleanliness issues you might be too lazy to care about.

Cleaning your keyboard — one of the germiest places in your office — every week at least is important. Maids hired to clean your office probably aren’t allowed to touch employee computers, so don’t assume someone else is wiping them down. Bits of food, hair particles, dust, and sneezes land on your keyboard, and every time someone jumps on your computer to check email or show you how to work a new program, all of their germs get soaked up, too. Use a lint-free cloth or even cotton balls or q-tips and a can of vacuum cleaner for harder-to-reach spaces between keys.

Wash your hands throughout the day. Besides the bathroom rule, you should wash your hands before and after eating and periodically throughout the day, especially if you’re going to be handling cubicle mate’s computers or other belongings. If you all pick up this habit, there will be less germs to go around. Also keep a box of tissues on your desk to catch sneezes and prevent colds and the flu from spreading in such close quarters.

Be mindful of your trash, too. Just because it’s in the garbage can doesn’t mean it’s not spreading smells or even germs. If your trash gets too full during the day, take it out yourself. And throw smelly food items in a larger trash bin outside to spare your co-workers.

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