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Health Care Management Salaries Look to Increase Along with the Competition

The United States has finally taken the cue from European countries and has started on a track toward the universal health care systems so many European nations promote.  While our nation has tied up health care with litigation, legislation, and general trepidation, we have finally begun to move in the right direction with some nudging by the European Union.  Italy’s Lombardy region represents one of the better health care systems in Europe, and features many competitive public and private hospitals that compete solely for patients, thereby evolving the health care system every year.  Health care managers fit into all of this by reigning at the top of most hospitals and clinics and are essentially the focal point for many of these larger reforms. 

Italy was a nation many legislators looked toward upon passing the recent health care bill because of the efficiency which has grown out of the competitive nature of hospitals.  Many legislators remain hesitant of providing universal health care because they feel it will drive up the cost of taxes and force hospitals to use dilapidated equipment.  On the contrary, most European nations with universal health care coverage typically have the most up-to-date technology in their clinics in order to attract the masses of public citizens.  Health care management seek to produce the best possible care for their patients through their administration as well as retaining the best physicians and nurses. 

Lombardy has continued to provide a blueprint for health care reform as the decentralization of the health care system over a decade ago has since allowed citizens to choose between either public or private insurance, neither of which guarantees a better outcome than the other.  While other regions of Italy appear to prefer public hospitals over private, making it difficult for the private sector to receive any funding, the region of Lombardy has continued to prove itself as a leader in health care innovation, largely due to the way the system is managed.  The health care system in Lombardy is one many Europeans, and Americans as well, envy because of their easy access to prescription drugs, short waiting lines, and essentially overall efficiency in getting in and out of hospitals/clinics. 

Healthcare management is a major force behind every health care system, and it is obvious that Italy’s is slightly ahead of our own.  However, with the recent monumental changes we have seen in Congress, it is not unheard of that our own hospital management will come up with equivalent means to deliver the best patient care set to rival that of Lombardy. 


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