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Earning a Master in Public Health in a Medical Era


As Americans, we are scared of our own shadow when it comes to issues in our health.  We buy cleaning products that are advertised to blast away germs and cleanse our kitchens and bathrooms, indicating our reliance on modern technology’s obsession with public health.  As a result, a Masters in Public Health has become quite useful for students interested in pursuing a career in the health care industry without becoming too involved in the medical side of the industry.

Masters degrees in public health help educate the nation of the dangers that lurk within our water, sewage, even air particles, as health officials spend years perfecting research to warn the general public.  Public health officials are additionally in charge of combating epidemics that may emerge out of thin air, such as the H1N1 virus that released the fears of the nation in 2009, resulting in a disease that has had less victims than the traditional flu.  Regardless of the skepticism in public health, it services a valuable purpose in modern society and helps protect the nation against large outbreaks or environmental dangers that have gone undetected.

The black plague in the Middle Ages was due to (1) the lack of adequate technology to combat the illness and (2) a lack of a public health care system that could trace the disease immediately.  It took several months to discover the cause of the disease was from the public water pump that was infected from rats who carried the disease, thus spreading the disease exponentially to the entire countryside.  Due to students who study in public health, we will never again be confronted with a  disease such as that one, and instead have created a new degree program that caters exclusively to the intricacies of public health and health care. 

Students in public health masters programs learn much in the areas of health education, environmental science, and behavioral science, in order to prepare students for careers within many different fields.  Public health experts are hired in different industries such as urban planning or even social work, indicating the vast appeal for graduates of public health programs.  As medicine and vaccines advance in the  coming years, there will be an even greater need for public health administrators to keep us clear of any dangerous diseases or potential environmental hazards that could affect the nation, indicating a need for even more public health programs in the future. 


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