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50 Terrific Social Sites for Healthy Living

If you’re concerned with your health and want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, the Internet can offer an excellent support network. Whether you need help with a specific condition, medical advice, weight loss, or just being overall more healthy, there’s a website out there for you. Here, we’ll take a look at 50 sites that take a social approach to healthy living.


In these sites, you’ll find general support for your health and wellness.

  1. Trusera: On this social networking site, you can find online communities and personalized health information.
  2. The popular is full of groups, forums, dares and more for your health, fitness, and lifestyle.
  3. Google Health: Google Health allows you to share health information with friends, family members, doctors, nurses, and others in your care network.
  4. TheCarrot: Track your life with TheCarrot, and share your reports with others.
  5. HealthSphere: HealthSphere offers the way to better health with tools, message boards, and more.


Find information from doctors, patients, and more through these websites.

  1. OrganizedWisdom: This social network is built around health advice.
  2. Mamaherb: The Mamaherb community is full of people who have shared their solutions with natural treatments.
  3. Wellsphere: Wellsphere offers "health knowledge made personal," with communities, local resources, and other tools.
  4. Healia: The Healia search engine offers health communities, information, and more.
  5. MedHelp: MedHelp’s forums, topics, and community is on a mission to find cures together.
  6. WEGO Health: WEGO offers an aggregation of health and wellness content, including information from health experts and patients.
  7. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers an outpost for useful social media tools, including Twitter, e-cards, and virtual worlds.
  8. Wellescent: In this health community, you’ll learn how to live with medical conditions.
  9. iMedix: Join iMedix, and you’ll get access to a community where you can find and share health information.

Health Professionals

These websites are designed specifically for health professionals, and those who would like to research information on them.

  1. Sermo: Sermo is a great place for physicians to collaborate, learn, and improve care.
  2. RateMDs: Find out what other people think of your doctor on this ratings community.
  3. Health Student Network: Health students can join this network to learn about and share news that’s important to them.
  4. NurseLinkUp: NurseLinkUp offers a social network for nurses, including jobs, discussions, and more.
  5. PeerClip: US physicians can use this social bookmarking site to organize medical literature online.

Message Boards

Communicate on these forums to learn more about healthy living.

  1. WebMD: The go-to site for health information has a very active community forum.
  2. HealingWell: On the HealingWell boards, you can connect with others with similar diseases and conditions.
  3. HealthBoards: HealthBoards is a great place to connect with others going through the same thing you are.
  4. SteadyHealth: The SteadyHealth forums ask, "how are you feeling today?"
  5. Revolution Health: The Revolution Health community offers message boards and groups.
  6. psychForums: Find mental health support in these forums.


These sites can offer you support for your healthy lifestyle.

  1. DailyStrength: DailyStrength offers a way to reach out to others with health problems like yours.
  2. Hope Cube: Hope Cube features support, information, and help from medical professionals.
  3. MDJunction: Find online support groups for your health challenges through MDJunction.
  4. PatientsLikeMe: This community of patients will help you share your experience and get help from other patients.
  5. CarePages: Set up your CarePages website to start a blog and connect with your friends and family during a health challenge.
  6. Inspire: Check out inspire’s health and wellness support groups to know that you’re not alone.
  7. HealthChapter: HealthChapter has social support groups for people who want to share their health experiences.
  8. CaringBridge: CaringBridge offers free websites that will help you support and connect with loved ones during critical illness.
  9. PeopleJam: You can find helpful advice, encouragement, and more for healthy living from PeopleJam.
  10. Tools To Life: Tools To Life has the coaching, motivation, and support to help you create your best life.

Nutrition, Fitness & Weight Loss

Get help with your fitness and weight loss goals through these sites.

  1. The Daily Plate: Track the food you eat every day, and connect with others in groups.
  2. Gymninee: Gyminee’s social fitness networking will help you stay motivated and get fit, while having fun.
  3. Walker Tracker: Walker Tracker is a step tracker community for pedometer enthusiasts.
  4. SparkPeople: Get support from this healthy lifestyle community.
  5. PEERtrainer: Buddy up and slim down with this system for fitness support.


If you have a specific condition you need help with, be sure to check out these sites.

  1. Check out this community for discussion boards, chat rooms, and expert online conferences.
  2. WeHaveMS: WeHaveMS provides support and information for those with Multiple Sclerosis.
  3. Diabetic Connect: Diabetic Connect is a great place to meet others who have diabetes.
  4. My Cancer Place: Join this community of people who have cancer to learn, give and receive support, and share information.
  5. DepressionTribe: The DepressionTribe is an online community for depression support.
  6. SoberCircle: Join this recovery community to get support.
  7. I’m Too Young For This!: In this community, you’ll find a resource for young adults with cancer.
  8. TuDiabetes: TuDiabetes is a community for people touched by diabetes.
  9. Prostate Cancer InfoLink: This social network for prostate cancer offers information, discussion, and disease support.
  10. RealMentalHealth: Check out RealMentalHealth to find people who are dealing with mental health conditions similar to yours.

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