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100 Best Wellness Blogs for Women

The fast-paced lifestyle of America coupled with the typical caregiving role women take on for their families and loved-ones can leave women feeling worn down and susceptible to illness. These blogs offer sound advice from those who have made positive changes in their lives as well as experts in a variety of fields. Take some time to read these blogs to help you embrace wellness in your life.

Physical Wellness

These blogs provide plenty of suggestions for staying well including such topics as healthcare, nutrition, and beauty.

  1. The WELLalarm. Read about such topics as preparing a first aid kit, health checkups you shouldn’t ignore, and more.
  2. Fitness-Health-Nutrition. This blog looks at wellness through better nutrition and fitness with an emphasis on women and children.
  3. Catherine Morgan’s Blog at BlogHer. Catherine posts on a variety of health topics including stress reduction, healthy choices for children, and aging.
  4. This blog brings the latest news and information from the world of beauty, skin care, and wellness from real people, not advertisers.
  5. Wellness Bites. Find the latest news and research in all natural health, wellness, and beauty with this blog.
  6. Balanced Health and Nutrition. Click on "Blog" at the top right to get the latest news on healthy eating, exercise, and living.
  7. Fit and Healthy in the Valley. This blogger is trying to achieve well-being through healthy living and shares her ups and downs.
  8. Fit on a Budget. Read this blog that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and freebies.
  9. Well Blog. From the New York Times, this blog covers timely wellness topics.
  10. Health and Wellness Blog. This blog will keep you supplied with plenty of great ideas for natural health and wellness.

Mental Wellness

Find strength from these posts that help you find or maintain your mental well-being.

  1. The Happiness Project. Join the experiment as Gretchen Rubin tries various ways of finding happiness.
  2. The Positivity Blog. Become inspired to stay positive and find the beauty in life with this uplifting blog.
  3. Rituals to Invite Balance and Well-being. This blog is a compilation of reader-submitted rituals that help maintain their well being.
  4. A Woman’s Guide to Saner Living. Follow this blog for tips and inspiration to help you live a more fulfilling life through thoughtful choices.
  5. Sally Huss–Addicted to Happiness. This inspirational blog offers reminders on the beauty of life and offers you the chance to get email updates with Sally’s positive thoughts.
  6. Beach Walks with Rox. Join Roxanne and her dog for fun and inspiration on this video blog with the backdrop of their daily walks on a beach in Hawaii.
  7. Are You "Eating with Your Anorexic?". Written by a mom who is working to dispel myths and teach families how to overcome eating disorders, this blog brings news, inspiration, and more.
  8. BwhoUR. Find your inspiration in the posts written by this woman who settled down to life on a cattle farm in Texas from her faster-paced life.
  9. BeThree. Read the blog at this site where you can find the best balance between body, mind, and soul.
  10. Between Us Girls. Find wisdom and inspiration at this blog that keeps women’s issues at the forefront.

Spiritual Wellness

These spiritual guides offer inspirational posts in these blogs.

  1. Spiritual Literacy Blog. Using the natural world as a guide, this blog strives to find meaning in the everyday.
  2. Spirituality and Self Help. Find posts to guide you in living a spiritual life and self-improvement.
  3. Living Spirituality. Christian spirituality is the subject of this blog that touches on finding your way with God through Bible study and reflection.
  4. Faith & Spirituality. This blog provides a Jewish perspective on spirituality and religion.
  5. Bhikkhu’s Blog. Written by a Theravada monk in Canada, this blog explores Buddhist philosophy and spirituality.
  6. Written by life coach Paula Kirsch, this blog focuses on subjects that include meditation, yoga, positive thinking, and more.
  7. Nantes Daily Photos. From to unusual photos to pieces of everyday life, the photography here offers a perspective on life that is often thought-provoking.
  8. Dr. Joe Vitale at Zero. Find enlightenment, inspiration, and self-development in this blog.
  9. Soul Solutions Healing Group (SSG) Team Blog. Explore spiritual questions with the blog posts and podcasts found here.

Nutrition and Special Diets

Good nutrition is a key to wellness. Check out these blogs that range from traditional nutrition topics to nutrition for special diets.

  1. Dr. Mom Health Tips. Read about food and nutrition in this blog that highlights family health, with an emphasis on organics.
  2. Foodtherapy. Written by a nutrition counselor, this blog discusses how food, and specifically the kind of food you eat, affects your health and life.
  3. Feed the Soul Nutrition Blog. With posts ranging from fresh vegetables to eating healthy on a tight budget, this blog will help you find a way to eat more healthily.
  4. Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen. With experience on various types of health diets including gluten and dairy-free, this blogger offers suggestions, news, and more on eating wholesome food.
  5. Junkfood Science. Learn about the science behind junkfood with information about nutrition, weight issues, food additives, and more in this blog.
  6. Grow. Food. Love. This woman blogs about the food she prepares as a form of mental health for herself and provides delicious recipes for her readers.
  7. Gluten-Free Girl. Shauna and her husband share a passion for food that she shares with readers on this blog. While the food is gluten-free, you will often forget that fact.
  8. A Gluten Free Guide. Written by a woman with Celiac disease, this blog offers recipes, suggestions for restaurants, and more for those eating gluten-free.
  9. A Life Less Sweet. This woman blogs about her family’s experience following a diet without high fructose corn syrup.
  10. Almost Vegetarian. Follow along with this blogger as she chronicles her adventures of eating healthy and mostly vegetarian.
  11. Bueller’s Kitchen. This blog highlights raw/living food a method of overcoming health issues and supporting wellness.

Exercise and Fitness

Coupled with nutrition, exercise and fitness are the cornerstones to wellness. Get great tips and motivation for staying fit with these blogs.

  1. Yoga Journey/Yoga for Health and Joy in Life. Get everything yoga here from poses to news to help with specific health issues at this blog.
  2. Athleta Chi. With a focus on athletics and adventure, the articles here serve as an inspiration for women on the go.
  3. Fit Bottomed Girls. These two women blog about fitness on this fun blog.
  4. Food, Fitness, Fashion. This blog focuses on fitness through exercise and includes posts on such activities as yoga and belly dancing as well as looking fashionably fit.
  5. Every Gym’s Nightmare. Written by a fitness trainer and ex-bulimic, this blog will help you find healthy ways to care for your body through exercise.
  6. Fitness Cure.With plenty of motivation, this blogger writes about staying fit through exercise.
  7. See Corey Run: A Fitness & Nutrition Journal. From posts offering nutrition information to workout posts, this blog will help you find the inspiration to get fit.
  8. Catapult Fitness. Focusing on fitness and nutrition, this blog strives to help you lead a healthier life.
  9. Look, a fitness blog!. While this woman blogs about health, fitness, and maintaining her weight goal with healthy eating and exercise.
  10. Get Fit Slowly. This blog offers suggestions for getting fit smartly with slow but sure methods.
  11. FitSugar. Women will find this blog an interesting read with posts that include reasons to exercise, good nutrition tips, and more.

Walking, Running, and Cycling

These blogs have a specific fitness interest, whether walking, running, or cycling, and are an excellent example of those embracing life and wellness.

  1. Walking Prescott. Granny J Prescott walks and takes the time to smell the roses…and all the other flowers. This blog is inspirational for the nature lovers and walkers alike.
  2. Nordic Walking US. For those walkers who prefer to do their exercise with a pole, this blog is a keeper. Learn about the benefits of Nordic walking, find product information, and find beautiful walks you can take around the country.
  3. ZumeWalk. With the goal of getting fit through walking, this blog offers news, inspiration, and more.
  4. The Complete Running Blog Network. Get news and videos in addition to helpful articles for running aficionados. This blog network is for runners of varying experience and fitness levels.
  5. Riding the Wind. This blog offers runs, statistics, and details of each specific run. For distance runners especially, this blog provides a high standard for which to shoot.
  6. …miles to go before I sleep…. Trail runners will enjoy this blog that brings lively descriptions and photos of various runs.
  7. This blog features gear reviews, race previews, runner and trail profiles, and various topics on ultrarunning.
  8. Cynical Dirt Doll. Follow spunky Cynical Dirt Doll as she chronicles her adventurous runs.
  9. Run Dude, Run!. Deanna Stoppler takes her readers along for her runs with her descriptions and beautiful photos.
  10. A Marathon Leap. Follow this woman’s experience with running as she begins training and running in marathons as a "non-runner."
  11. Running from the pudge. This blogger posts about running and living healthy.
  12. 417BikerGirl. Read about the adventures of this cycling and running fanatic on her blog.
  13. Lauren. Find your inspiration with this mom who finds time to race cyclocross and mountain bikes.

Weight Loss

Read these blogs that demonstrate determination to lose weight and become healthy.

  1. Alycat’s Claws My WW Journey. This woman posts about her experiences with WeightWatchers and weight loss in general.
  2. Ranaesheart Weight Loss Blog. This blogger lost 143 lbs. in a healthful way and now writes to share how you can lose weight and maintain your health.
  3. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. Get recipes, fitness, inspiration and more from this blogger who lost over 175 lbs. and continues her healthy lifestyle.
  4. Do you have an Extra Large in this?. Follow the Marshmallow as she chronicles her weight loss adventures of eating, exercise, and online support.
  5. Half of Me. Almost 200 lbs. lighter and still keeping it off, this blogger offers hope and support to those struggling with weight loss.
  6. A Merry Life. Down from 255 pounds, this woman writes about topics such as better nutrition and running as she meets her weight loss goal.
  7. The Sassy Pear. This wife and mom shares her experiences as she focuses on weight loss through nutrition and exercise.
  8. Choosing to Live. Follow along as this woman shares her weight loss struggles and successes on her blog.
  9. Big Fat Deal. Read about topics such as body image and self-confidence in this blog.

Fit and Healthy After a Certain Age

These bloggers haven’t let aging slow them down. Read how these women embrace life after they reach their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.

  1. Fit and Fabulous at Forty the natural way. Follow along as this forty-something woman keeps herself fit and healthy through good eating, physical activity and more.
  2. Fabulously 40 & Beyond. Scroll through this blogroll to find plenty of blogs offering inspiration for women over forty.
  3. Bikinis and Bifocals. This blog offers a positive and empowering look at women as they age, but don’t make it an excuse to stop living.
  4. Growing Older, Sexier, and Skinnier. This self-described post-menopausal woman blogs her way through weight loss and feeling good about her life as she ages.
  5. Fab Fit and 40. This woman is chronicling her goal of losing 50 lbs. in one year to honor her turning 40 on the goal date.
  6. Fabulous @ 50. Another self-challenge, this woman has given herself a goal of losing 200 lbs. prior to her 50th birthday and has already lost 90 lbs.
  7. A Greener Tea. Get recipes, motivation, inspiration and more on this blog devoted to supporting healthy and strong women over 35.
  8. Flashfree. This really isn’t your mama’s menopause at this blog that provides news on the latest in menopause research and solutions for symptoms.
  9. Grow Older Better. This woman shares her experience and dedicates the blog to those who want to improve with age like a fine wine.

Alternative Healing

These blogs offer information about alternative healing methods to promote health and wellness.

  1. Ayurvedic Home Remedies. Find remedies for a number of problems, all based on the Ayurvedic approach to medicine.
  2. Fran’s House of Ayurveda. Get healing Ayurveda recipes with explanations for appropriateness and alterations for each of the three doshas.
  3. Herb-blog-ogy. Get news, research, and reviews about healing herbs on this blog.
  4. Reiki Matt’s Blog. Find the latest news and information about the Japanese practice of Reiki in Matt’s blog.
  5. Meditation Oasis. A companion to the Meditation Oasis podcasts, this blog offers guided meditations.
  6. Reflexology Live. Get information, tips, and techniques on hand and foot reflexology you can use in your daily life.
  7. Applied Alexander Blog. Find out about the Alexander Technique and how and why it works to promote healing.
  8. Fingertips. This massage therapist focuses on promoting health and wellness through natural means.

Healthy Family

Ranging from pregnancy and breastfeeding to children’s healthcare to family nutrition, these blogs offer a family approach to wellness.

  1. Nature Moms Blog. This mom shares ideas and suggestions for a more healthy, natural approach to parenting.
  2. Dr. Shu Says. This pediatrician-mom blogs about keeping kids and families healthy.
  3. Healthy Child Healthy World. With an emphasis on organics and going green, this blog provides tips for improving children’s health through better nutrition.
  4. Smart Foods Healthy Kids smart mama blog. This blog promotes nutritional education for children, parents, and caregivers.
  5. Nourishing Thoughts. Written by a nurse, this blog focuses on healthy nutrition for children.
  6. Natural Childbirth for the "Hip Chick". This experienced mom talks about childbirth and caring for a newborn.
  7. Breastfeeding123. An experienced mother of three and breastfeeding counselor offers tips, news, and support for breastfeeding at this blog.
  8. Allergy Moms. Focusing specifically on food allergies, these moms blog about the impact of food allergies on families.
  9. YummyAllergenFree. Written by a mother of three children with food allergies, this blog provides recipes, support, and more.
  10. Dr. Thompson’s Blog. Read about the state of health care with a focus on children and family issues from this pediatrician.

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