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15 Coolest iPhone Apps for Health-Conscious Cooks

If you’re a health-conscious cook, it can be difficult to find recipes that meet your dietary standards and actually taste good. With the growing trend of cooking apps for iPhone, there has also been a push for healthy diet applications that offer hundreds of nutritious (and delicious) recipes, healthy cooking tips and convenient grocery lists to keep you organized from start to finish. These apps may vary in design, price and features, but they all have the same goal in mind – to get you eating and cooking healthy. Here are the 15 coolest iPhone apps for health-conscious cooks:

  1. Eco Chef: The Eco Chef app is the masterpiece of celebrity chef Bryan Au, who shares more than 100 wholesome recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare. Not only are these raw organic dishes good for the body, but they also offer a nice variety to cooked meals.
  2. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List: Epicurious may be best known for being a gourmet foodie’s go-to site, but its iPhone app offers plenty of nutritious recipes and healthy alternatives for cooking light. This free app offers a handy shopping list feature and more than 25,000 chef-approved recipes that can be customized to your dietary needs.
  3. Simply Organic: The Simply Organic app gives health-conscious cooks hundreds of wholesome, organic recipes to choose from. And to make your healthy cooking experience even better, the app includes coupons for extra savings on these signature organic foods.
  4. Healthy Recipes: Healthy Recipes shows health-conscious cooks how to make tasty meals out of nutritious ingredients. Each heart-healthy recipe comes with its own nutrition facts, picture or video instruction by cooking expert Chef Meg.
  5. Smart Chef Substitutions: Health-minded cooks will learn how to cook and eat smarter by substituting unhealthy ingredients for more nutritious ones with this app. Smart Chef Substitutions includes 10 different categories and a total of 300 substitutions to modify your recipes and make your meals more nutritious.
  6. Don’t Eat That: If you’re a health-conscious cook who’s also concerned about food safety and unnatural ingredients, the Don’t Eat That application will help you separate the good from the bad so you can make better decisions about the food you eat. Search through the database of more than 1,900 food additives and ingredients to see which ones may be harmful to your health or cause drug interactions of allergies.
  7. CookWell: CookWell gives health-conscious cooks the resources to organize, plan and cook healthy meals every day of the week. This app includes a handy seven-day meal plan, grocery list feature and explanation of food labels, so you can eat and cook smart.
  8. Whole Foods Market Recipes: The Whole Foods Market Recipes app is a health nut’s go-to app for finding nutritious recipes by specific dietary preferences, such as dairy free, vegetarian, gluten free, high fiber and fat free. Cooks will also enjoy the convenient shopping list and map of all the Whole Foods Markets in your area.
  9. Locavore: If you’re a health-conscious cook, you probably prefer to buy your foods locally. The Locavore app allows users to search for fresh, seasonal produce in their area. It also detects farmers’ markets near you and keeps you updated on what healthy foods are growing in your area.
  10. Healthy in a Hurry: The Healthy in a Hurry app pulls more than 200 delicious and healthy recipes from the cooking magazine, EatingWell. Each recipe has been developed by EatingWell experts and comes with full nutritional information so you know exactly how healthy each meal is.
  11. Cook This, Not That!: The same people behind the popular weight-loss book, Eat This, Not That!, created the Cook This, Not That! app, which shows you how to recreate many unhealthy restaurant dishes and make them delicious and wholesome at home. With more than 140 restaurant-inspired recipes that are low in fat and calories, you won’t miss dining out one bit.
  12. HarvestMark Food Traceability: Conscious cooks, who want to know where their fresh produce came from and if it’s safe to eat, can use the HarvestMark Food Tracebility app to find this information whenever they see the HarvestMark logo in their local grocery stores.
  13. Vegan Recipe Finder: Health-conscious cooks who enjoy a vegan diet or eat less meat should get the Vegan Recipe Finder app, which comes with more than 13,000 vegan recipes, a handy grocery list and other helpful tools to help you cook light and healthy.
  14. Good Food Healthy Recipes: Health nuts will love the Good Food Healthy Recipes app that features hundreds of wholesome recipes and nutritional information for every meal listed. For extra health benefits, check out this app’s vegetarian dishes, low fat foods and low-calorie recipes.
  15. Dinner Spinner: The Dinner Spinner app gives health-conscious cooks a variety of nutritious and delicious recipes to choose from. With every spin of the dial, users can be as picky or adventurous as they want and choose meals according to their cravings.

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