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A Turbulent Time for Healthcare Administration

With the recent healthcare reform bill, the health care industry in general has come under fire for many of its industry practices over the years.  While the main opponents in the health care debate are insurance companies, there are still many realms of healthcare administration that are involved in this legislation, making it increasingly difficult to achieve any notable changes. 

Most healthcare administrators work closely with insurance companies, a fact which has made their jobs understandably more difficult in recent months.  No one knows for sure how the health care reform will turn out, and as a result, many patients and insurance subscribers are panicking over whether their coverage is still in effect and whether their premiums will go up like so many legislators have insisted they will.  Insurance rates seem set to increase, and this has many people worried, and has led them to consult many healthcare administrators at clinics, hospitals, and offices for free advice.  However, healthcare administrators do not have all the answers, and few people (even insurance companies) have any answers at all regarding the changes.

We are all aware that the health care reform bill was meant to increase coverage for citizens and lower the burden for adult children who have not found jobs yet or are still in school, but many questions regarding deductibles and premiums remain unanswered.  During this rough economic time, many people are worried that their rates will go up, making it difficult to pay for the coverage they currently have, especially when companies begin charging per child.  It is difficult to find the good in this bill when so many people have had to find new coverage because their rates have gone up so high.  However, healthcare administrators understand patients’ frustration and have helped many patients in clinics understand their new coverage policies. 

Questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, child coverage, and others remain complex and not easily answerable, but healthcare administration is working around the clock to reaffirm patients that they will continue to receive the healthcare they require, especially if they are on government-sponsored programs.  While many have found it hard to find the good in the bill, it remains a huge step for our nation, despite the drastic changes that seem set to occur within the health care industry.  Rome was not built in a day, and with the help of a dependable healthcare administration, we will reach our end goal in just a few years!


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