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50 Best Sports Medicine Blogs

Unless you’re a pro athlete with a personal trainer and sports medicine team on call just for you, it can be hard, and expensive, to find the quality information you’re looking for to help you with your training and recovery. These bloggers, however, share their expertise in physical and occupational therapy, pain management, conditioning techniques, and nutrition to help athletes stay healthy and safe while they play.


These sports medicine blogs discuss a range of topics, from safe training exercises to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Basics Sports Medicine: This group of physiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other sports medicine professionals blog to help readers learn tips for working out and setting goals.
  2. Docs for Jocks: Athletes can get tips on training exercises and more to help them with their performance.
  3. Spine and Sports Medicine: This blog covers everything from neck pain to carpal tunnel to musculoskeletal disorders to degenerative disc disease.
  4. Coastal Sports and Wellness: This San Diego sports medicine clinic also offers tips and information for all types of athletes, including triathletes, cyclists and more.
  5. Sports Medicine: Steven M. Cohen writes about injury prevention and more.
  6. Sports Injury Blog – The Disabled List: Learn about different sports injuries and how to treat them, from kidney obstructions to weakness and frailty.
  7. Sports Injury Cinic: Browse posts by injury or ailment, like lower back pain or foot pain.
  8. Sport Injury Blog: Read stories about real-life athletes who have come back from knee injuries, ACL injuries, and more.
  9. Perspectives from an Olympics Team Physician in Beijing: Browse this unique blog’s archive for commentary on sports medicine and professional athlete issues in swimming and beyond.
  10. World Acupuncture Blog: Find out how acupuncture can help you manage pain, stress, and more.

Specific Sports

Golfers, runners and yogis will find specific tips to help them stay safe and healthy here.

  1. Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano: This orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor blog for The Huffington Post and discuss soccer injuries, common basketball injuries, and more.
  2. Golf Sports Medicine: Serious golfers can learn about injury prevention and therapy options here.
  3. Yoga Blog: Serious yogis turn to this blog for new workout ideas, healthy living tips, and more.
  4. A Trail Runner’s Blog: This holistic running blog has tips for safe running, training and conditioning.
  5. A Passion for Running: Mark is a 40-year-old marathoner who wants to inspire athletes to keep going despite injuries and age.
  6. Triathlon Training Blog: Triathletes learn about injury prevention, common ailments, and rehab techniques here.
  7. Running Injury Free: Get tips for running safely and for avoiding common running injuries.
  8. Ask the Running Doc: Runner’s World "running doc" Dr. Lewis G. Maharam answers questions about hamstring pulls, skin cancer, and more.

Nutrition and Health

Learn how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle to improve your game.

  1. Natural Sports Medicine Blog: Dr. Todd M. Narson blogs about detoxes, head injuries, healthy exercise and more.
  2. Brent Atwater’s Alternative Sports Medicine: Energy Healing and Intuitive Medical Diagnosis: Learn about this unique form of sports medicine from this blog.
  3. Brad Pilon’s Nutrition Help Blog: Learn tips for a balanced diet that will help your fitness and exercise routine improve.
  4. Zen to Fitness: Maintain a healthy perspective on your workouts and athletic pursuits by following this blog.
  5. Sports Nutrition: Recent posts on this blog include "Sports Ingredients and Suppliers" and "Carbo-Loading: Tips for Endurance Athletes."
  6. Lift: On Lift, you’ll read about healthy lifestyle tips for sports and adventure seekers.
  7. Fit Buff: Fit Buff is all about "total mind and body fitness." You’ll find recipes for your active lifestyle and other resources for healthy living.
  8. Vitamin Stuff Blog: This blog shares information about antioxidants, supplements, herbal medicine, and vitamins.
  9. Fitness and Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Here you can learn about nutrition requirements for different types of athletes, as well as healthy eating and lifestyle choices for anyone who’s active.
  10. Trying Fitness: Learn how to start working out the healthy and safe way when you read this blog.
  11. Sport Nutrition: Here you can learn about sports nutrition for women athletes, the best nutrition for exercise, and more.
  12. Powder and Pills: Get reviews of different supplements and endurance-enhancing nutrition here.

Rehab and Procedures

Here you can learn about rehab techniques, common procedures for healing, and more.

  1. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Blog: Dr. Howard J. Luks provides information about sports medicine procedures like knee replacements and rotator cuff treatment, and also shares news from the orthopedic industry.
  2. Mike Reinold encourages physical therapists, trainers and rehab professionals to discuss new procedures and practices on his blog.
  3. Rehab and Sports Medicine Blog: Learn about different physical and occupational therapy rehab techniques, research studies, and more.
  4. 98.6: Dr. Pribut’s Blog: Read up on running injuries and rehab here.
  5. Commonwealth Sports Medicine: Learn about "treatment for athletes by athletes" on this sports medicine blog.
  6. SMARTT Journal: Read open access articles from the Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy and Technology Journal here.
  7. Movement Science: Rehab and exercise professionals can read up on industry news and listen to the Movement Science podcast here.
  8. Physical Therapy Blog: Laura Inverarity, D.O. blogs about physical therapy treatments and common ailments.
  9. Physical Therapy Exercises: Gary Gray from Prince Edward Island shares exercises for overcoming all sorts of ailments.
  10. Manual Therapy and Physical Medicine: Read this blog to learn more about knee injuries, MRIs and more.


Get tips on training and conditioning the safe way from these bloggers.

  1. Sports Medicine Blog: Individuals training for marathons and trying to improve their own fitness level can learn about staying safe and preparing for meets.
  2. Bridgewater State Sports Medicine: This group of sports medicine professionals at BSC discuss everything from casual golfing injuries to tanning to poor push-up form.
  3. Military Fitness Blog: Get tips for safe–but hardcore–training here, including running, toning, and more.
  4. Personal Trainer: This blog from Women’sHealth has tips on recovery, marathon training, and organizing your ultimate fitness plan.
  5. Sports Fitness Hut Blog: This blogger offers advice for training, injury prevention, the best exercises for athletes, and more.
  6. Dr. Yessi’s Sports Training Blog: Posts on this blog include "Why do we continue to have heel hitters?" and "The need for respiratory muscle strengthening."
  7. Sports Training Blog: Read posts on sports nutrition, weight training, running, and more.
  8. Wayland’s Strength and Conditioning Blog: William Wayland is a strength and conditioning coach, and on his blog he shares tips for safe, effective weight lifting and conditioning.
  9. The Fitness Blog of Miss Melinda: Miss Melinda shares her choices for daily workouts and supplements.
  10. Turbulence Training: Get tips for workouts, getting your vitamins, preserving energy, and more.

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