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100 iPhone Apps that Make Weight Loss Easy

If you have an iPhone, chances are good that you’re already using it to do things you never thought were possible on a phone. Yet there is one more big way the iPhone can help make your life a little better, as there are numerous apps out there that can help you shed those last few pounds, eat better, and work out right. Check out these great tools to help you look and feel better while maintaining your on-the-go lifestyle.

Fitness Tracking

These iPhone apps will help you keep track of how much weight you’re losing, as well as your overall health and fitness.

  1. MyNetDiary: Check out this app and sign up for a monthly subscription to keep track of everything you’re eating.
  2. Sensei for Weight Loss: Integrate weight loss into your busy life with this helpful tracking program.
  3. Limeade: This program allows you to access your fitness, set your personal goals, and keep track of your progress with this app.
  4. Health Cubby: Health Cubby is designed to keep you motivated by making your fitness goals social, pushing you and helping you get support.
  5. TheCarrot: Dangle some fitness motivation in front of yourself with this iPhone app that allows you to track and record how you’re doing losing weight, as well as any other person goal.
  6. SparkPeople: Track what you’re eating and look up healthy foods available at restaurants with this tool.
  7. WeightTracker: Keep track of your weight on a daily basis using this simple app.
  8. Track Your Weight: Make sure you’re staying on track with your weight loss by using this portable application for the iPhone.
  9. GooeyGoals: With GooeyGoals you can get some assistance in setting reasonable goals and understanding what you’ll need to do to meet them.
  10. WeightBot: Let this robot help you meet your weight loss goals. With BMI monitoring, progress graphing and more this app has everything you need.
  11. CountItOff: This app not only helps you track your weight loss but your daily calorie intake as well to make sure you meet your goals.
  12. FitReach: From workout regimens to better eating habits, this application can help you track it all.
  13. Dream Shape: Everyone has a weight they’d love to be at and this app can help you set goals and keep track of your weight as you get there.

Workout Journals

Keep track of those reps and the progress you’re making through these great iPhone apps.

  1. Gym Technik: Use this tool to log your stats for weight lifting and cardio to make sure you’re reaping all the benefits of both.
  2. Wellness4One: Design great workouts for yourself and keep track of past workouts using this online application.
  3. iStayFit: The user-friendly interface of this app makes it an ideal solution to keep track of what you’re lifting each time you head to the gym.
  4. Gyminee: Gyminee is an online community designed to help you track your workouts, meet others who are serious about getting fit and track your long term results. Best of all, there’s a version designed just for mobile devices like the iPhone.
  5. GymGoal Lite: With a huge encyclopedia of exercises, this tool makes it simple to look up, track and optimize your workouts.
  6. FitView: Create a profile on this app, keep track of important fitness stats like blood pressure and weight and record your weekly exercise routines.
  7. Workout Buddy: Just download this app to your phone and you’ll be able to schedule and tweak all of your workouts, making it easier than ever to lose weight and feel great.
  8. Progio Mobile: Join this weight loss and fitness community and you’ll be able to access and edit your account right from your iPhone.
  9. BodyBook: This app helps you work harder and smarter by remembering what exercises you did at your last workout and letting you easily edit them at your next.


These mobile calculators will help you monitor your health and fitness while on the go.

  1. 2Fat: This calculator helps you figure out your BMI and estimates your total body fat percentage.
  2. BMI Calculator: Enter your measurements and get an estimate of what your BMI is through this app.
  3. Physiologist iP: Find out how your physique measures up with this calculator that measures your BMI and waist to hip ratio.
  4. BMR Calculator: Check out this app to calculate what your basal metabolic rate is and build the ideal diet and workout routine to match.
  5. iPhone Calculator: This calculator is loaded with all kinds of functions, but can also help you track your calorie consumption.
  6. Calories Burned Calculator: Find out how much your favorite activities and exercises are burning by adding on this app.
  7. Daily Calorie Calculator: Know how much you’re taking in on a daily basis? Find out how that matches up with what you should be by putting the numbers into this calculator.
  8. PointsCalc: Those on Weight Watchers can use this tool to find out how much any food is going to cost them in daily points.
  9. Heart Rate Calculator: Find out what your ideal heart rate is for cardio or weight loss with this tool.
  10. iPoint Calc: Here you’ll be able to get an idea of just how many points that piece of birthday cake is to help you stick to your Weight Watchers regime.

Calories and Nutrition

Make sure you’re staying on track with calorie consumption and eating a balanced diet with these fitness tools.

  1. Livestrong Calorie Tracker: Find out the difference between what you’re taking in and what you’re burning with this application.
  2. Lose It!: Establish a daily calorie budget and learn to stick to it with this tool.
  3. 40.30.30: Use this tool to ensure your new diet is a healthy one and has balanced amount of everything you need in it.
  4. Restaurant Nutrition: No matter if you’re on the road or in your hometown, this application can help you determine how many calories you’re consuming through restaurant fare.
  5. Sugar Tracker: Keep up with how much sugar you’re taking in with this simple application.
  6. Diet:Find out the nutritional information for over 7,000 products sold in the U.S. and abroad with this tool.
  7. Dietician-IP: Check in with your personal dietician app that lets you know what’s in the food you’re eating, how much you should be eating and more.
  8. Calorie Abacus: Help balance your meals by using this fun-design to track your food pyramid consumption.
  9. Calorie Pad: Keep track of all the calories you’re consuming in a given day with this tool that has access to thousands of foods from the grocery store and restaurants.
  10. iPhone Nutrition: Simply enter in the food you plan on consuming to find out just what’s hiding beneath that delicious exterior.
  11. EatRight: This tool encourages a healthier lifestyle by determining if you’re eating enough from each of the food groups each day.

Eating Right

From cooking healthy meals to making sure you avoid potentially harmful additives, these applications can help you shape a healthier diet.

  1. Trim for Life: Those interested in following a high-protein diet can get advice and assistance from this application.
  2. Food Additives: With this app you can learn what additives are in any food so you can know just what you’re putting in your body.
  3. 8h2o: This application helps make sure you’re drinking enough water to stay on top of your game mentally and physically.
  4. GoodFoodNearYou: Looking to eat out? This application can help you find good restaurants in your area.
  5. Edibles: Based on studies that have shown that keeping a weight loss journal boosts weight loss, this application can be a great addition to your weight loss plan.
  6. 101 Cookbooks: With 101 choices you’re sure to find something that meets your needs for eating healthier.
  7. One Trip Shopping List: Build shopping lists on this application that will help you learn to shop for and buy healthy food.
  8. Mindful: Track your eating and make sure you’re sticking to a healthy routine by putting your diet into this tool.
  9. Food Information Database: No matter where you are or what you’re eating you can find out all the nutritional facts about it using this application.
  10. CookBooks: Find something healthy to cook for dinner tonight with this helpful cookbook application.
  11. MiMeals: This application will help you plan and shop for your weekly meals.
  12. Eight Glasses a Day: Stay hydrated with this application that tracks your water consumption.

Working Out

Take your workouts on the go with these great applications that can help you learn to lift weights, track your fitness, pace yourself and much more.

  1. iPump: Those looking to pump it up can track their muscle building using this application and find out the best way to work out and get fit.
  2. iSpinning: Log your fitness while you take a spinning class or ride your bike using this application.
  3. GymFU: Make fitness fun with these mini games that can help you train to do 100 pushups, track your progress and more.
  4. iFitness: This app acts like your own virtual trainer, keeping track of your workouts and helping you build new ones and challenge yourself as you go.
  5. FitSync: Track your workouts, compare them to others and get tips on improving with this application.
  6. iWorkoutLite: With exercises that help you track cardio, machine, free weights, stretching and ball exercises this is an essential fitness tool.
  7. MoboVivo: These are loads of videos on this site that can help you pump iron and get fit from home, work or on the road.
  8. GymBuddy: Record your workouts and keep track of your progress with this application.
  9. PaceCalc: PaceCalc can help you measure how fast you’re running, biking or swimming.
  10. CardioTrack: Make sure you’re getting your cardio workouts in right with this application that also tracks your progress.
  11. Personal Best: What’s your personal best at running, lifting or any other fitness skill? This application allows you to record and store them.
  12. iPushups: This application can help you build up your pushup skills as you go.
  13. iSitups: Track your progress and train your way to more sit ups using this application.
  14. Workout of the Day: Get access to 365 days of workouts with this helpful app.
  15. Nike Training Club: Access your personalized training program on your iPhone to get stronger on the go by creating a mini-avatar and tracking your personal progress.
  16. Pump10: This application is home to numerous workout videos that you can watch from anywhere.
  17. CRUNCH: Get your butt and gut in shape with this core conditioning workout.

Walking and Running

If you love to run or walk, these iPhone applications can help you make the most of your fitness time with tracking, pedometers and more.

  1. StepTrackLite: Keep track of how far you’re walking everyday with this easy-to-use application.
  2. iMapMyRun: With this tool, you’ll get real-time tracking of your run (or walk) and allows users to see maps, stats and more about their daily paths.
  3. Steps: This personal pedometer lets you know just how many steps went into your walk.
  4. Fitnio: Store the time, distance and calories you’ve burned during your runs with this application.
  5. RunKeeper: With both free and pay versions of this software you can map your runs, share them with friends and store information about your fitness.
  6. TrailGuru: Find out all the stats on your latest runs with this tool that tracks everything from your elevation to how far you traveled.
  7. TriCalc: If you’re working towards speed goals rather than distance ones try out this app that helps you determine what your pacing needs to be for a given distance.
  8. Can Do 26.2: Want to show off the newly fit you? This application can help you find and register for any marathon in the U.S.
  9. Distance Meter Pro: Take advantage of GPS technology with this tool that tracks your time, distance and speed.
  10. RunChart: Use this application to customize running routes and set time or distance goals for yourself.
  11. RunCalc: Monitor your pacing when you’re running with this tool. Especially useful for those training for timed events.
  12. CityRUNNR: Track your runs around your city with this portable app.
  13. iPhodometer: Just plug in your weight and your pace into this app and learn how many calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve gone.

Mind and Body

Engage these fitness apps to stretch and relax your body while soothing your mind at the same time.

  1. Pret-a-YogaLite: Watch carefully designed yoga routines no matter where you are with this helpful yoga video app.
  2. StretchZ: Sitting at a desk all day can wreck havoc on your fitness, so take a break and loosen up with this stretch-filled application.
  3. iPump Yoga: Get your mind, body and spirit in tip-top shape with this application geared towards helping you have an agile and strong body.
  4. Yoga Trainer Lite: This free application helps teach you the basics of yoga at your own pace.
  5. Tai Chi Master: With this application you can learn the basics of this ancient Chinese relaxation and fitness technique.
  6. Yoga Stretch: Follow these yoga routines to loosen up and feel more fit, mentally and physically.
  7. YogaBliss: In this app you’ll find a collection of 16 yoga poses designed to help you relax and get your body toned and flexible.


These tools can help you do everything from track your bike path to find a gym near you.

  1. True Weight: Check out this app to manage your diet and fitness routines based on a daily energy index.
  2. Health and Fitness Mobile: Take Health and Fitness Magazine on the road with you with this application. You’ll get free workouts, fitness tips and a whole lot more.
  3. Heartbeat: Want to know what your heart rate is? Use this app to find out.
  4. iTrailMap: This useful tool is designed to help skiers and snowboarders find the best trails to show off their skills and get their hearts pumping.
  5. The Bike Computer: This geotracking app allows users to keep track of where they are on a bike trail, how far they’ve gone, and much more.
  6. HangTimer: Skiers, bikers and snowboarders will appreciate this app that measures their amount of time in the air.
  7. Find Gold’s: With this app, you’ll be able to find the Gold’s Gym closest to you no matter where you’re at.
  8. FitTimer: Track your workout sets, breaks and intervals with this easy-to-use tool.

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